Sweet Business

Taking out
Ramping off
Fired away

Taxi and aim
Jet engines
Make sweet

“I love
My job”

Happy to be
Surging up
And onto
New horizons

Quickly powering
Past the storm
So seriously

Far above what
Seas we see
Passenger seats

Into a grey fog
That burns itself
Into clouds
Of white

Breaking out
Into this new sea
Of white under an
Ocean of endless blue

Disappearing beyond
All the noise
We grip tight
To the engines

Air friction
Sweet business
Declaring solmnly
“There is no gravity”

Turbulence the motion
Of these new waves
Each drop weightless
Still we rise

A journey swift
A striking purity
When the rain
Is scorched away

When we are unbound
Yet the atmosphere is
And we move within
With jet engines

A single sun
Unfiltered by air
Now flies beside

We’re sunshots
Up and on
Away and gone
Fired to say

“I love my job”

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