Wandering on freeways
80 miles every 60 minutes
And every 30 seconds
I laugh with the force
Of knowing a month ago
I was 120 miles away from here
With other people like
I was in a movie
Just a cinema of nitrocellulose
Powering internal combustion

Drinking green tea where
It isn’t meant to be
Demystified cinnammon
Whiskey in the cupholder
Camera in one hand
Steering wheel in the other
Following maps
In the peripheral

Offering sacrifice
To gods in the East
Outrunning sunset
And firing away
With each V6 cylinder
Into the horizon
Ever further

140 miles
Away from home
Getting further
But not looking back
Because the new is ahead
Where we don’t belong
Meeting night
Like a warlock
Waiting for us to
Bring to it its power

Mountaintops seemed
So far away
Before we fired that way
And brought the light
With us
Without suspicions
Or expectations
We fire that way
To the new and the cold

To make it be so warm

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