Ferric Frost

Every which one
I miss
When it’s freezing
On your roof

And you’re sitting there
Looking at the rising radiance
In pink and orange and
Finally yellow to white

To make the atmosphere
Glow its awesome cobalt
Yet to bring warmth
But it already brings light

To dawn away the dusk
And your gorgeous amber
Eyes crack with the cold
Like glass globes of the world

Cheeks turn colors of fall
Blushing with the ferric frost
Of a clear sunrise morning
While you gaze at a star

The same one we’ve both
Been under for far longer
Than we’ve known
Each other

Still I know when I’ve woken
And look out my window
That somewhere out there
Early this morning

You were on your roof
With red cheeks
And breaths rising with fog
Drifting off of cold dew

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