Same Planet

Fear does run deep into the heart
Of anything done while we’re
Inebriated by vulnerabilities

And without naming specific
Days, times, places, wonders
I struggle to find words as to why

I appreciate you so much

So to this I’ll say
I think of all the drives
To wherever we go

Holding a paper cup of hot coffee
And looking across the table
At you

Talking about shitty movies
And chatting about what we’re doing
While we procrastinate making art

Arsty and matching
Glasses and eyeliner

You’re showing me music I almost
Couldn’t care for
And I’m showing you some, too

We live on the same planet
But in entirely different worlds

Weeks becoming whirl
Winds sweeping us
Away to anyplace but here

We never seem to stay
In one moment
Or enjoy it for too long

Before we’re off and away
To a different place entirely

And I haven’t stood still
For long enough to
Be and appreciate

Until I’ve sat down after a
Day with you
And can take in what it meant

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