Ignorant daemons
Failing to
Reap the threats
They’ve sown,
Because to me
All they’ve shown

Is that they’re cowardly.

I see a black door
And it
Doesn’t stand a chance.
No abtraction binding me
To such fearful nightmares.

I’ll punish plagues of plagiarists
Wherever they might be known.
No time for half measures
I’ll end them on my own.

Spraying plasmas
Across dimensions and
Finding endless wells
Of deaths to knell
In every specter’s personal

Some revenants afraid
Of finding finality
After walking this world
For so long,
They’ve forgotten
Of feeble fragility.

Be of flesh and blood
Or ethereal mesh and muds,
I alone will sunder their
Silhouettes from spirits.

I sense the dooms
Of the dead.
Shapeless or not,
Wraiths will be killed and then they will

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