Words Over Inches

Distance makes and breaks a lot of things
It chains our reach and clouds our heads
For there was that Bellingham girl
Waiting for me it seemed no matter what

We exchanged letters of love
Across distance
Where messages lost in translation
Delievered mixed messages

Distorted words to a person unnerved
Every day one received and one sent
To a girl I thought was beautiful
But the words were wind-whipped

They had to walk a hundred miles
And by the end the words were tired
Distance makes and breaks a lot of things
And it broke the words that made us

If only I could have held you every night
Maybe things would be different
And words over inches would mean more
Than the ones who’s feet were always sore

Restraining energy to make the voyage
They were never meant to be hitchhikers
But they did anyways with head held high
And I thought I was savoring this life

Words over inches
Wax sealed with a red fleur de lis
Was always
What was better

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