Solar Flytrap

Withering noise
As you enter a void
Full of concrete
Floating on black streets

As you pass through a portal
Through a shield
You emerge in a meadow
Dead, yet an oasis of brick

Water flows in a single river
To cut around features built
Into the dry ground
And lonely town

It sits in its own dimension
Nourishing Kittias
And feeding the valley
Where they do not but sustain

Themselves for what?

Just to prevent decay
To never wither past the sword
And take blows upon the chin
Of the shield so they may stay

At no cost but isolation
Do they do and sustain
Around the river and stave
Off boredom by living

With the only goal to exist
They resist decay and let
Their minds play around water
In a valley of dead grass

Beyond the pass
Beyond the shield
Unto dawn they cut
Their teeth on the field

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