J.T.S. Olympian Gearshifter

J.T.S. Olympian Gearshifter

My volant instrument
Primed with voltage
And howling rotaries
To lift above the paths and trees

Pipes bent for a frame
Life elements used to shape
The gears and belts
That twist ever skywards

Levers are thrown
The mercurial motor
Spinning the alternator
Lighting spotlight beams

Revealing an engine of thunder
And my colors showing
With a stereo booming, denoting
My flavor of navigation

The charge spins the blades
Graphs plot the course
Throttle directs the rudder
But I helm this zeppelin

Altimeter positioned
A fuel gauge marked up
GPS locked
To destinations ahead

Innocuous blitz proceeds
Flares and cargo
For all those below
Who look up in awe

Weighing anchor on the ground
Removing the key on the air wharf
Climbing out from the frame
And onwards to the next few hours

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