Elafris Élenchos

Elafris Élenchos

Do you hear
The lights

Are those
Wavelength vibrations
To you?

Can you see the bending
And shifting of the rays?

The horizon, unrelenting
Is a thing I’ve chased

The white sun always at noon
Staring at my small figure
Run for change

Across lunar desert sands
Of white purity and
Varying complexity
Where nodes of memory
Inhabit every grain

Glass shard fields of grass
Into my bare feet

The blood trail behind me
Goes on for
Who knows how long?

Can you hear the light control?

Always above where I am
A shining orb emitting

Can you see the glassed grass?

Poke through my soft feet
Red stains the white
Grass blades of woe
Resume their presence
As sand turns to white satin
And the grass becomes taller

A trail running to the horizon
Of night
Ever beyond the orb above

A place where the heart
Transcends all
Running into a fleeting tomorrow’s
Agape jaw

The sounds never getting louder
Alterations never simple
Or there

Just a sound
Above the fields

Just a sound
Always there

Can you hear the light control?

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