I remember a time
When things were much different
I can’t say better, for my memory cheats me
I can’t say worse, for things seem okay now

But they were

Different was the place I had stayed
Different were clothes I wore
Even the company I kept
Was, as I remember, different

Before it ached to move
When this arthritis didn’t so
Have a hold of my
Every day’s regiment

I recall when I was young
Someone I would often be with
Taught me, but suddenly
That person simply went away

They put her in a wagon
And I didn’t see her again
That I can remember,

Now I recall the two I’ve been
With for such a long time
The rowdy ones who learned
Nothing from my teachings

They didn’t learn from
Anything I learned from
And now they’re both all
But gone

I have naught but
These lost teachings
And no one to pass
On to

No one to pass them to
This is it for me
I’ve felt my bones erode
For so long now

I thought I had done well
To show the world what to do
What was right
And how to live

But as I look back
On all the teachings now
I remember that the only thing left
Is my forgetfulness

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