Does what you need it to.
Does what you want it to.
Makes you question
what you thought you would.

Is an upper.
Is a downer.
Is a waker.
Is a sleeper.

Is a creeping in your spine.
Is a tingle down the lines
of a body feeling fine
in every way so wrongly.

Makes you see out-of-body.
Can let you see your eyes.
Evokes synesthesia.
Is the answer in disguise.

Is a killer.
Is a taker.
Is a thief.
Is a breaker.

Tunnels like a jackhammer.
Dresses like a bushwhacker.
Warms like no other bonfire.
Tastes like precious opal.

Is not to be trifled.
Is always there.
Is somewhere near.
Makes certainly sure

you’re never alone.

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