Hawk-like gaze
Conveys unphased
A calculated expedition
An adventure equipped for

Where we took pictures
And pulled red yarn
Around nails and targets

There came one now
Staking out the scene
On a condo in some second floor
Bare-carpeted with exposed beams

Here in the nest you’ve seen
Everyone on the sidewalk below
A rifle put together
On the window

Black and white photographs
Coded four digit numbers
Of priority when you
Finally arrived to set scenes

In revolt against
A contracted slaying
Red yarn nest trails
Not speaking but staying on

Watch at the windows
Where I took the photographs
And set them up
Around the frame and sill

Where we watched for hours
At the people below
Waiting for the right one
To foolishly show

That hawk-like gaze
Had once cracked many safes
And solved too much
Calculus before

And now here with a rifle
The red yarn and photos
A hawk watches and waits
From its nest with steady patience

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