Chrysalis Citadel

Chrysalis Citadel

Banners flowing
Off the structure’s top
A palace tower

Scattershot glitter on
Grey pigment
Scintillates in the sun

Beams when clouds
Are away

Aglow the grey

Cloud busters
Bolted to chains
On the jungle floor
For support

Anchored to
A concrete jungle
Acting as a monolithic
Space glass needle
At top

Mirrored windows
Completely wrapped
Around an aerie
Spire’s peak floor
Palace studio views

Titanium girder
Spiraling escalators

To take visitors and rulers
To the top of the tower
Of purest ivory and void ebony

Passing chandeliers
Velvet paintings

A columnal castle

Chained to the floor
Of an asphalt rainforest
Banner vine thicket

Where above
There lay

Thrones of regents
As seats of a brave
New world order

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