Killing In Righteous Authority

Killing In Righteous Authority

I’m the humblest observer of your beauty,
The quietest listener to your song,
The gazer of the show of your life,
And the man to be yours all life long!

You’ve got a heart of gold,
A gorgeous form of woe,
A shine in your eyes, that mesmerize,
And the prettiest mind of all!

I’ll be the writer of your words,
The poet to you,
the artist of your beauty,
And the admirer to your grace!

Your form on Earth, is good at worst,
From your lovely lips, to the shoes you wear,
You’ll never despair, with somebody there
To hold your hand and be all yours!

We could go to parties…
Or attend a ball…
See a play…
Or do it all!

All I know, is that you know
That you are a goddess, and the
the goddess for me just happens to be,
the greatest goddess of all!

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