Peace is a strand of rope lights
Hung precariously past
A ceiling fan in my bedroom

It’s incense coming off of sticks
In the corner vase that
Makes me tranquil

How the wires coursing all about
My floor and walls power
A lit up reel-to-reel

Empty album cases on shelves
Implosions of light to the scent
Of vaporous violets

Towers like skyscrapers uplifting
Into the roof and carry levels
Of trinkets and knick-knacks

Speakers, socks on the floor,
Blinds drawn to create a
Second story cave

Peace is the beat of
Six sets of speakers
And a subwoofer in every corner

Lightning crashes to the ground
From skyscraper antennae
Thunder explodes somewhere

Orchestrated by plugs and
Boxes of electronics
Bolted to shelves and floors

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