Parking Lot

Parking Lot

Nothing is normal
No one is evil

It took so long
To see the edge

Hands and knees
A cliff so sheer

Way up here
On an island cloud

Lines in a
Parking lot
Glow a
Gritty white

I know what
I should feel
Should feel

Like the asphalt
On my palms
And the rain
On my back

Alone in dark skies
Abandoned – on a cloud

Lost in a
Parking lot
Looking over
A blacktop

Streetlights flicker
Where the posts
Aren’t broken

And the cars that
Were parked had
Off of the cloud

Nothing is normal
No one is evil

No missing drivers
Step out
Their vehicles

It looks so far
From the edge

All the ghosts
Of steel
Tumble away

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