I love the way
You reach down
To the shampoo pump in the shower
And bring up to your hair some
Chalky white liquid.

It means you care.
It means your grace.

I love the way
You shave
With your new, dulling razor
Entirely yet carefully
Tracing your skin.

It means the water
Really likes you.

I love the way
You towel off,
Each part at a time,
Gently but vigorously before
Wrapping it around your chest.

You make any fashion
Look so much better.

I love the way
You look naked,
And watching you dress
To cover yourself up
And protect from the elements.

The form water droplets
Trace is envied.

I love the way you stand in front of
Your tiny closet and put
Your soft hands on your hips
While you choose
What to wear.

The water knows
Why to envy.

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