I Will Go On

I Will Go On

Oh, I could go on and I will go on
About just how pretty you are!
No, I can’t be wrong, no I can’t be wrong,
You are worth fighting three wars!

When I see your face, when I see you smile
It can make me fawn for quite a while
The situation doesn’t matter
From complex costumes to simple get-ups,
You look perfect in anything!

Paint-splattered, a little weathered,
Heavy make-up, a little shake up,
A bit worn, or grit and grime,
No, there’s never a time where you don’t

Look beautiful, my love!
Look gorgeous, my love!
You always do in anything you’re wear-ing!
It doesn’t have to match, it can all be patch,
But you, my love, are the greatest thing to me!

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