Unaccounted Salvoed Parcel Spores

Unaccounted Salvoed Parcel Spores

One drop dropped
To multiply and salivate

Two dropped now
To ooze and thaw

Three dropped then
To sequence genes within

Four drops in
No turning back now

Five drops collected
From burners and beakers

Irradiated mail to
Disintegrate all those meager

Not this mixture
Its drive to bypass

Into the mailbox
Augmenting in some envelopes

A hateful package
Of vile imminent pestilence

Spore powder seeping
Out of paper holes

Sent for some
Unjust and horrid causes

Express messenger
To Franklin Park
New Jersey

Five letters received
Five opened their mail
Five are dead
Five gram drops dropped
Five letters from the mailbox

This is next
We have this anthrax
Take penacilin now
Are you afraid?

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