Mister Helmsman

Mister Helmsman

With your sorry fleet
You think you’ve got moxie
Worse off in power
Than my weakest hour

I’m sorry to say
In this long-distance way
But there’s a melody playing
And it feels like I’m skating

I head my destroyer
Periscope censored
My cannons then aim
For your dear foyer

Mister Helmsman
Spin me a scheme
Tell the attacker
Of this captain’s grin

And if they don’t heed you
It’s their mistake
It’s not my nature
To invective take

Take them a promise
And warn them well
Tide’s on my side
And I’ll give them hell

Oh Mister Helmsman
Sing us your song
Give them a note
To show we’re headstrong

And let’s dance
Twirling around on deck
In your scope
You’ll see my black flag beck

Watch as it flutters
And my crew mutters
About your raft’s squalor
And dingy colors

So Mister Helmsman
Have they retreated?
It’d be a shame
If they needed defeating

Though it’s
Like me
To back away

We need
To do today

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