Longswordslinging Drills

Longswordslinging Drills

Leather gauntlets on,
Armor strapped down,
Headpiece fastened,
Sheath unbuckled.

Step up.
Gather back.
Pivot your hands
With fingers slack.

Sweep across.
Lunge garner.
Raise to strike.
Swing forward.

Block with
The crossguard.
Jab ahead.
Let your vessel flow and ebb.

Arms up now.
Do it again.
Transfer your weight
And shift your feet.

Compel your legs
To move so sleek,
Maneuver a blade
To foil retreat.

Vom tag, dodging back,
Ochs, pflug, alber;
Langort: long point;
Eisenport: iron door.

Switch your stance,
Adjust your guard;
Advance, sword dance,
Cut quick, and charge.

Close the angles,
Bid discipline,
Clout your power,
Speed escutcheon.

Move and weave,
Splice and heave.
Combat with honor
Under virtue’s banner.

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