I wish there were a way
To make yellow the blue
Light shining in through
The window on you

It’s hard to see you so
Sad so often

No one deserves to see
Their sunshine shift away
So fast as to bend light
Away from itself

It sounds like a chemical
You’d find in a cigarette
Or your favorite
Bottle of liquor

Ye be warned who enter here
I am a monster and
Will feed your fear

It seems to take the ashes
Falling off the end
And tint them away
From anything you wanted

It peels back the spring
And goes back to winter
Gone is the sun through
The window

It’s been covered by
A curtain so it
Doesn’t hurt
Your eyes

I’m sorry this all happened

I’m not sorry for being
There, but I wish I could
Have done a better job
At being there

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