Second Spring

Second Spring

In my dreams that last night
I had nightmares
Of saying the wrong
Things while you had
A gun in your hand
And me on the phone.

I saw the regret
Months later when you
Paraded revenge unto me.

I saw only my regret.
Breaking someone so sweet
For something so petty.

It was our decisions that last weekend
Blunting me to waking up and
Having to watch you cry
For the first time
Before I left your bedroom
That last time
Early in the end of
A second spring’s evening.

Not turning back to look at your door,
To avoid the shame and regret
By which you were assailed by.
All the sleepless nights and mullings
Wondering if I did the right thing.
That I was thinking of you again
A year after the call
Wondering if I’ll ever be forgiven.

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