May I

May I

May I brush the hair
Out of your eyes
So I can see you?

May I hold your hand
In my own
So that I might feel you?

Can I hug you
Tight and close
To show about you I care most?

May I kiss you?
If only to share
And revel in your sweetness?

Would you be okay
If I saw you naturally
And let you enrapture me?

May I trace all of you
With my hands
To know that you are real?

May I take a picture
To save you
And display you?

May I connect with you
To form a bond
That I will never soon forget?

Can you be all the firsts
For me
And hold all those records?

May I daydream about you
Every day
All day?

May I feel these things
For you?
May I love you?

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