Hipster Bitch

Hipster Bitch

You and your loud beanie
And your abrasive neon hoodie
And your ukelele
You can’t not show off
Your marginal skills on.

Stopping at the park
Where the local coffee shop lies
So you can lie
About how fake you are
And talk about longboards.

You have to dye your hair
And look unique so we will care.
Staying out late,
With flair at places
Who knows where?

Plaid long shirts,
Glasses so useless,
Trendy shoes
Purchased at local thrift shops.
Knitted of plastic and promises.

No more faith.
No more hope.
No more
Pretty spinning

Then you have to sneak inside
A window to your home for respite.
And you lie awake, panicking
And shaking, afraid that we
Will see straight through you.

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