Bad Batch

Bad Batch

You are the ones we hate
Despise those eyes
Hiding beneath grotesque
And melting disguises

Just the same old
But brand new
A fresh batch
To be rude to

All the merry people
Driving to work and school
Slowing in the fast lane
Burning out, so cool

Put another battery
In your vaping pen
Stuck another vial
Of juice to defile

Your lying teeth, yellowing
In the UV rays
Sticking to your lips
When falsehoods are said

Rude coniving larvae
Of maggots writhing
In their vain contraptions
Of phones entraping

Atrophied little hands
Like a t-rex clasps
And stick to a steering wheel
Of a spoilered FWD Subaru

Thinking you’re so cool
We can barely contain
Our laughter as your
Chipped motor tears by

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