Anti Aircraft

Anti Aircraft

Streaming through the air
Fury in a flare
Battery gunner
Glowing brick thunder

Rotor turn and tear
Sublimated fragrance
Burning lavender rubber
Rocket firefly slaughter

Coursing sounds
Of distortion

Narrow corridor
Stratospheric chamber
Winged and flying high
No one shy in cloud theaters

Up here air drag rips
Turbulence all torn
Heat shield failing accelerating
Pulling and prying horns

Ancient bombers
Under fire

Flowing currents generating
Powerhouse of friction
Nonstop constant drowning
On scorching water vapor

Pressure roars around
Devastating lightning
Catastrophic flak clouds
Searing hailfire clouts

Dogfight flavored

Little lead elephants
Sonic boom blast
Running on slipstreams
Heavy tusked beasts

Stampede in atmosphere
High up in the air
White hot tusked savagery
Anti-aircraft battery

Cockpit glass shatters
Steel carnage groans
Fractured yoke and pedals
Overclocking bomber engines

Smoke streams from broken wings
Red lights inside flash
Time to go now or
Stay and go down

Escape or die

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