My bread and butter. Can’t leave home without it. Favorite part of writing ever! Poetry! I’ve divvied out the sections you’ll see between years of poetry, year one beginning in August 2014. Accompanying entries are photos of my wonderful face from the era representative. Enjoy!

Year One and Before for poems from August 2015 and before. A bulk of my angstier, developing content. It’s a nice little time trip.



Year Two for things written from September 2015 to August of 2016. This one encompasses what could possibly be described as my last truly carefree days.



Year Three for things coming out of September 2016 to July 2017. Another breakup, some strange figures from years past, some more connections.



Year Four for poetry that started in August of 2017. Old blood being drawn left and right. New relationships. Other fun things, for sure.



Collections! For workshops and stuff you can buy!

Latest Poem

  • Edenabyss

    I wanted images
    Of eden

    I thought I took them
    In the mountains

    But no, eden is in
    An abyss of you

    So let me be
    A light defiant

    A hearth to the cold
    Walls of exposed bone

    Your body an eden
    Like a gothic lotus

    Blooming from
    Wrought iron gates

    Rusting to a meadow
    Of fresh dug graves

    I can be abyss defiant
    Digging in your eden

    A place of solitude
    And burning incense

    And hookah smoke blown
    Through indolent skulls

    They’re the dancing dead
    Dressed in royal red

    Watching me explore
    Your sublime eden

    It’s been hell to some
    But to me it’s a heaven

    I am abyss defiant and plot
    To explore your uncharted eden

One thought on “Poetry

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