News from Reality City and the surrounding areas of Somewhere else.

  • News – No Banishments Yesterday

    Day 1,273 – The Watchers at the edge of Un and Verisum have, in a first observed cycle, gone one entire day without banishing a citizen to Somewhere Else.

    Historically, the Watchers have acted as the source of decongestant for some of the most busy districts in the city, those on the edge of the city’s East side. Administration archivists have observed that both Watchers have failed to banish a single person, signalling a day of utmost certainty that everyone was safe that day.

    This raises questions, of course, as naturally this would mean that there was no one worth banishing yesterday. It could be that there is no longer a need for these titans, and as strange as they are they’ve laid docile today as well. The Watcher of Verisum was seen heading into the desert, and hasn’t made a reappearance in several hours.

    If so, this would be great news for those on the long roads of Verisum.

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