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  • Beta 65s – Sometime in August

    Getting some Whoop time under my belt.

  • Summitting
    This video doesn’t exist

    Yesterday, I finished the fight.

  • Ad Basher: New Skin Liquid Bandage

    I did a thing I’ve been meaning to for 4 years. I did it in the style of Critical. I’m actually quite proud with how awful it didn’t turn out to be.

  • Radio Reality City: Year V Trailer V1
    This video doesn’t exist
  • Xodarap – Sounds from Reality City

    Yet another extension of the original intro track. This time at about 4 and a half minutes.

  • Jade and Nick Block’s Wedding

    I made this video as part of a camping trip for my sister. She wanted to sleep in a tent, wake up, walk out to a beach, and get married. Well if that isn’t what actually happened…

    Musical credits:
    Artist: Tycho
    Track: Adrift
    Album: Dive
    Label: Ghostly International

  • Cape Disappointment Drone Shot

    cape disappointment.jpg

    Shot with a DJI FC300X; f.2,8; 1/1025; ISO-100; -0.7; 4mm. 6/27/2018 8:55 PM.

    It was the exact opposite.

  • Smoking Indigo

    nadine smoking indigo final

    Digital Art, created with GIMP 2.8, 3906×2602.

  • Telemetry – Sounds from Reality City


    Hey, radio telemetry is pretty cool!
  • Radio Telemetry – Tiny Whoop
    This video doesn’t exist

    Flying a true FPV drone for the first time with the 253 Kwad crew. Some really cool guys. Watch as I flail, do a flip, and crash three times all while the video telemetry is sent to a pair of goggles I was wearing.

  • Puyallup Panoramas – Monarch

    Flying around Puyallup, Washington on 5/26/18. A lovely Saturday afternoon culminated in sending up the Monarch at Pioneer Park, Clark’s Creek, Pierce College, and Bradley Lake. Hope you enjoy!

    This one features the track “Let Slide” by Kauf, from the album Regrowth!

  • Kraber Stream 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I did a stream of a thing a week or so ago. I want to get much more comfortable with this style of video production, but I haven’t ventured much into it because I hate the sound of my own voice.

    So I present to you a video of me playing a game I like. Tell me what you think!

  • Andromeda Over Pierce

    andromeda over pierce 2

    Photo taken at Pierce College. Manipulated in GIMP. 7 layer stack with Andromeda galaxy replacing original sky, and two sets of cloud renders overlaying.

    Hot Topic please hire me to design t-shirts.

    [5184 by 2912]

  • Beneath a Teal Sky


    Ashen Sky” and “Droplets Flare” manipulated in GIMP.

  • Monarch Emblem

    monarch full logo

    The symbol of the Monarch, my Phantom 3 Professional drone. I hope to use this in a variety of ways.

    Lovingly created in Microsoft Paint, and finally rendered in its full size in GIMP. I fucking love GIMP.

  • Mayday 2018 Full Cut

    A lot of people got together on May 1st, 2018, in Seattle and did a whole lot of disagreeing. And it made for a lovely photography convention.

  • RRC: ‘Cascade’ Stinger
    This video doesn’t exist

    Featuring every good photo I’ve taken since August 2013.

  • Downtown – Sounds from Reality City

    Featuring all that can be found in downtown. Terrifying. Uncertain. Messy and dangerous. Alive and wonderful.

  • Monarch Oly Shot

    oly shot.jpg

    Shot with a DJI FC300X; f/2.8; 1/1572; ISO-100; -0.7 step; 4mm. 4/19/2018 4:55 PM.

    Now that I’ve seen it from the sky, the place is only getting more normalized at the same time as its mystique grows.

  • Olympia Trip
    This video doesn’t exist

    Some drones, photos, and poetry open microphones in Olympia, Washington on 4/19/18.

  • Ghillie and Thumper: Open Mic


    This video doesn’t exist

    Recorded on November 17th, 2017 (I think).

  • Erfhygjni – Sounds of Reality City


  • Breaking Out – Monarch

    Flying in Ellensburg wasn’t very fun at all. Nor was the drive. Actually, don’t go to Ellensburg on a whim. Not much to do there besides think.

  • Tell Me – Monarch

    Monarch Flight: 3/11/18, over Alder Lake in Washington State.

    Featuring “When You’re Out”, by Kauf.

  • Monarch’s First Flight

    4K video of the first ever for-sure real flight of the Reality City Monarch! Capturing some great views of Washington in some snowy weather.

  • 300 Feet Above South Hill Park

    300 feet above south hill park

    Shot with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional; 4K; 23.94 fps; 3840 x 2021 frame grab. 2/22/18, > 12PM.

    You can see a lot when you’re flying.

  • Paradox – Sounds from Reality City

    This is the intro for my Radio Reality City broadcasts, extended by a factor of ten. I present to you: Paradox, from the album “Sounds from Reality City”. Hope you enjoy! Because I hope to make more just like it!

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