• Skypiercers


    Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/400; ISO-400; 18mm.

    I took this one in Seattle, of course. Such a haven for large buildings and skyscrapers that dwarf anything else. This was one of the photos in which I suspected a stuck pixel existed… and there is a bright red pixel on the same spot of every photo I’ve taken recently. So there’s that!

  • Waves - I love you Delectable, wonderfuk Everything I need To feel natural Your sound is always On the tip Of my tongue In any form I love it You make me feel Natural In any form  
  • Fractal 2016 - Fractal 2016 The repetition Into itself So many colors Some ROYGBIV A blacked out Boldblunt path Reaching into endless Spiral voids Viscera swirling Into whiteless planes Lemniscate flesh Of chromic canaries Collapsing constantly In the coal mine Where coal Black as a black hole Is the Still breathing soul Of the same canary   (PDF …

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  • Lady Justice - Lady Justice We pray to you Our patron saint Who’s blindness Is only fair Who’s red shroud Tied around Her eyes Makes for justice With outstretched Hands on arms Holding weights in one And a scale in the other We pray to you our Lady Justice To help us through This trial bloodless None shed …

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  • Rearview Ornaments - Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/30; ISO-400; 55mm
  • Symbolic Something - Another writer gave his pen to me, Said he wanted to “swap energy”. So I took his and he took mine, And I tried to imagine all the things it’d seen. What kind of clubs had it been in. What words had it written. Was there ever a time when he Wished it wasn’t missing? …

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  • Unoops - Silky sweet, like a Flower who’s sugary warm Petals lapped up The dew that misted In a field Bright pink and tall among Leafy grass in the sun Bathing in glory and shining
  • Aviators - Aviators Bent steel Lenses reflective Of the river We came down On a blonde Freckled face Wearing a Camoflage ballcap And a sunburn Drenched Tank top atop Bikini swimsuit Pieces Ultraviolent From Apollo and Ra Glowing nuclear With catasrophic Power in redding Radiation That is what Is reflected
  • Redshifted Telecom Pleiades - Redshifted Telecom Pleiades Idle air nibbles with Cold teeth at the warmth Coming off of Bodies wandering streets Frosted telecom jungles Canopy the intersections And the skyline above Shines through the wires Red blinking alpine lightning Rods warn aircraft of low Altitude treetop masts as Towerkilling Pleiades can Orient the avians To high-strung cables Tangled …

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  • Vibrancity - vibrancity
  • Gilded Crow Skull - Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/125; ISO-400; 55mm
  • Palpitation - Palpitation It wouldn’t be that memory Of stained glass dust now Scattered upon those grains Before the windows disintegrated It would be a high tide Of a rising kind pulled by A celestial body Further into the shoreline Where swells crash into Tiny tidepools and decorate Moon crabs with shards Of stained memories It would …

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  • Valentine’s - Valentine’s Cinnamon and raisin bread Butter Cheese Toasted Foil Candles A blanket In a cold backyard ‘Romantic’ Can I Fix this?
  • Bordeaux Road - Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/4.5; 1/1600; ISO-400; 18mm
  • Chill Pillar - chill pillar
  • Giving Them Back - I hung on To these, Because I thought They would Continue To make Me happy. They didn’t.
  • Almighty - almighty.jpg
  • Trees in the Puddle - trees in the puddle
  • This Life - This Life Good night you gorgeous creature. I hope your rest is pleasant And that maybe in your dreams I will appear to help settle things When a monster or beast May appear on good to feast, I will lay down my weapon If only to hold you in streams. Under blue clouds, Over purple …

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  • Scone - Scone It comes in a wrapper Decorated fifties Teal striped and red plaid Thick shortcake breaded wedge Raspberry jam filled Warm So deliciously warm Like it’s fresh from A grandmother’s oven And completes baking In your hand As the jam and shortcake mix Mix Tiny raspberry seeds Are crunched in the mouth After a bite …

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  • Maori Instinct - Like Adam and Eve With leaves covering Our naked bodies We arrived by canoe At the edge of a Great island With exotic Flora and fauna Using the beautiful Brush and dipping Our hands into The calm Pacific We learned And we grew Shark toothed tools Fiber baskets Bamboo fishing poles And fire We lived …

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  • Corrosion - corrosion
  • October 29th, 2016, in North Bend - Shot with an iPhone 5s; f/2.2; 1/1466; ISO-32; 4mm
  • Skypiercers - skypiercers.JPG
  • SLAM Meeting 2/3/17 - I’m surrounded by writers Of all different Branches and offshoots Of the English division With a thick leather binder Full of printed paper Submissions from all Around the college Boxed Starbucks symboled Coffee behind me Cookies and pastries And brownies More hard copies Of late submissions On the Agenda: Introductions Overview of process + Q&A …

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  • Another Beach - Another Beach I’m sitting beside a lake with two beaches. One above and one just below the water’s texture. I’m laying beside a submerged meadow. A field of grass in a shallow current cooly below. I know this because I explored. By foot, by kayak by wading in the trifling waves. I withdrew from the …

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  • Selfie Takers - selfie takers.jpg
  • Corvid In the Wild - Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/500; ISO-400; 55mm
  • Up - Up Perhaps where none should be Perhaps where a door Was mistakenly without A locking key Dust in the rafters A thrill of the Trespasser’s vantage A catwalk of intrigue Tempting one to climb Up a set of dark, cramped Stairs And through an unlocked door To find A jutting place above the scenes Not …

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  • Maple Bonsai - maple bonsai.jpg
  • Rockler Pen from Twenty-Ten - Picked out some White crystal laced With sparse veins of Red and blue ore, Bleeding into indigoes. Shiny aluminum bearings Graft it together; Pins and internals And clips and Ores mix as the shell Armors the ink within; A cartridge of Black blank canvas Loaded in.
  • Murmur - I calculate, analyze, and extrapolate I weigh the odds, perceive the risk Make motions when I see fit Carefully measured in every decision You ushered me to accept my brand That which I had neglected for years I never had thought of it as pretty But it’s a tag that can save my life You …

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  • Reflection Panorama - Shot with: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS: f/5; 1/60; ISO-400; 27mm
  • Blue Tape - Blue Tape So let’s begin again with this. I can’t count on both hands how Many times I’ve tried this. I’ve been slaving for months In this terrifying alley Where things are stolen often. No doll of innocence is safe From footpads and anonymous Friends from long times ago. A greybacked petticoat In a redlands …

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  • Scotmescafy - Scotmescafy Sweet like tame sugar cane Creamy as a chocolate egg Orange newtonian filling Tea leaves milling Mild sacharine Egg shell worn Soft disciplined Caramel-like in solid form Aromatic as candle wax Foutune candy quartz hertz Yielding to a kind force
  • Another Place - Multimedia. This was meant to be a follow-up to Somewhere Else I made a while back with my art teacher. I did this one myself, however. Big markers filled with very black ink, mostly. Smaller ones in there for what details there are. I’m not a huge fan of abstraction these days, but there’s something …

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  • Photographer Three - Photographer Three It was windy on the north end After sweat accumulated From climbing the south Elevation gain Snacks Breaks In the wind We found a vantage In the pass We saw a thousand Words
  • New Zealand’s Apocalyptic Fiancés - New Zealand’s Apocalyptic Fiancés We played guitar and sang songs, all night by the fire I look at you on the steps to the temple, in perfect midnight When there was no one else on earth, you were all I needed In this place of sanity we made among the rubble To the skies we …

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  • Java Isle - Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/160; ISO-400; 53mm
  • Red Leaf - Canon REBEL XS; Seattle, Washington.
  • Node - node.jpg
  • Snow Loading - Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/4.5; 1/400; ISO-400; 18mm
  • Eyes Are the Drunkards - Shot with: iPhone 5s; 1/2160; ISO-32; f/2.2; 4mm Edited with: Picasa 9.3.2
  • Scorched - scorched
  • Nomad - nomad.jpg
  • Zero Discord - Zero Discord I turn over in bed to look at you. It’s dark in this room, blinds shut. Lights are off, and I’m holding your hands. Looking at your eyes, I remember hugging you earlier. I was seeing you for the first time in a while after a brisk night drive to your house. Streams …

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  • Belt Buckle - a belt buckle i bought from the mall.jpg
  • Glass - Shot with: CANON EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS; Focal Length: 18; 1/1250; f/5.6; ISO: 400
  • “They Close at Dusk” - “They Close at Dusk” There’s a man on the Park stage Asking for handouts Of spare change And cigarettes In a “closed to the public” Pavilion An auction is taking place: The parking lot is full The man on the stage Is drunk Yells at whoever passes by About what “used to be” While a …

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  • Fang of May - That’s what I’m choosing To call The thing on a string Pried out of a beast maw, Carved into, And given to me. That’s what I call The tooth taken from The land of ‘alala Meant to be gifted During the holidays By the violinist who Bartered for it in Hawaii. And I stare at …

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  • Lake Olympia in August of 2016 - lake olympia in august of 2016.JPG
  • Godzilla Roll - Godzilla Roll I’m taking a plate Of spicy sushi Off a conveyor belt It’s got orange crab And some seaweed wrapped In sticky jasmine rice Dots of spice poke Through the grains And indulge the whole Four rolls of chopped Stuffed sushi drizzled With savory red sauce It glistens in Light of the zen bar …

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  • Approaching Storm - approaching storm
  • Metal on the Black - Metal on the black Scratches and cracks Like sgraffito In a black book Oozing with the scent Of chainsmoked cigarettes Drowning in cheap red wine Canyons form with Sheer walls of iron And nickel crystals
  • Day 2 - Day 2 To my love: You don’t know how much Time feels like has passed Three hours in a day all To myself And that’s all Two days is all its been Two days and it feels like I’ve been deployed To a world war for four years 16 hours stripped from 48 16 less …

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  • Wire Rose Close-up - Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/100; ISO-400; 55mm. Click here for a little more detail.
  • Liberation - Liberation We are all reincarnations of each other In time, brahman exists in all of us at this particular point We are all brahman, in this point of time, and we are all each other We are all reincarnations of each other I am you, and you are me Shelled off by each other by …

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  • Sound Sound - Sound Sound Looking down the waves Small valleys in each phase Of washing sound water Drenching piers and their seers Standing atop the tall platforms Looking down water swell alleys Taking down driftwood And the carvings on them I can’t see I don’t know if you can see The alleys in between are Breathing endlessly …

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  • South Side - Shot with an iPhone 5s; f/2.2; 1/2283; ISO-32; 4mm
  • Mid-June, 2015… just outside the Capitol in downtown Olympia… -
  • Eric “Sticks” Portrait - Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/60; ISO-800; 53mm
  • Ilors - Shot with: iPhone 5s; f/2.2; 1/977; ISO-32; 4mm
  • Anthem - Anthem Scent of pop radio music An odor of warmth A glazed façade Behind display cases Steam of milk Behind a hardwood bar And a shelf of machines For coffee making There’s bar taps and Bottles of syrup For dosing sunrise To any neon highs Booths under posters Counters facing windows Tumblers filled with Special …

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  • Disc Fruit - disc fruit
  • Conductor - Desperation will make Ink brushes Out of spare wire And will make one want to Make some kind of Art from it Scratchy and stupid You do it out of Desperation  
  • Je Suis Pistol - Brave Charging out from haze Holding questions close La Vie en Rose Yet confident And brimming with Rosy white fire’s tint Always willing to bloom A pistol my protection A life in rose reflection Nuit de reve banners Flowing above me Muzzle flash A fleur de lis Cautious places My wander sees Lost in a …

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  • Helmet Close Up - Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/13; ISO-400; 55mm
  • Owen Beach 2017 - owen beach 2017.jpg
  • Ripples - ripples.JPG
  • Unworn and Undonated - What use is any of it to me? A beanie and a hoodie hanging in my closet. The only means, it seems, they serve to stick around is to rust and collect dust to lose their sheen and good meanings while I watch them decay.
  • Bands - bands
  • Studio 7 Band on Xilent Night Last March - Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/125; ISO-400; 55mm
  • Ultra - Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/60; ISO-400; 55mm
  • Enflamed - Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6;1/125; ISO-400; 55mm
  • Energy of The Minotaur - Energy of The Minotaur The tab gives way easily. The whole can is cold; Condensating. An odor of rocket fuel Seeps into the air When the seal breaks. Gripping it gives way To a vision of cold Bull horns. Tipping it into the mouth Spills into your body A sickly sweet ichor, Like the taste …

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  • Redondo Sunset - redondo sunset.jpg
  • Made Up - Made Up It looks alone Sitting naked On a paper towel A donut Sandblasted, it seems, With the golden soft Flesh and shell Of coconut Its aroma is Quite quiet, Reminding me of Some Hawaiian Beach I’ve never Been to It’s just a Morsel A palm tree Powdery sand A sugary beachy Tropical fleeting Imaginary …

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  • Frosty - Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS; ISO 400; 1/160; 55mm
  • Lauren’s Hair - Show with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/4.5; 1/40; ISO-400; 34mm Show with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/4.5; 1/25; ISO-400; 37mm Show with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/60; ISO-400; 51mm I’d been wanting to practice any kind of close ups. So these are some close ups of dyed hair, …

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  • Yakima Valley - Yakima Valley Flowth of a river In a valley of Sunburns 150-car trains pass Through at 3am In a hundred degrees While we’re outside In light clothing Camping With sparse pine trees Lining the water With a strong current Such a freezing cold spray In such dry air of Arid solitude
  • Cooper River - Shot with an iPhone 5s; f/2.2; 1/1520/ ISO-32/ 4mm
  • Bird in the Oil Spill - bird in the oil spill.jpg
  • Rawr Tiger - Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/60; ISO-400; 55mm
  • Freeway Waterfalls - Shot with: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS; 18mm; 1/60 sec.
  • Shattermoon - All the tools I’m afraid to use Custom built Hardware I machined them Worked with them So beautiful and So personal That I’m afraid Of breaking them Each seems so fragile In my hand So thin and Ergonomically slick Inner workings Heavy and intently Needing to be Manipulated In order to use Yet being so …

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  • Energy Tension - energy tension.jpg
  • Found Paper - Shot with: Canon DIGITAL REBEL EOS XS; f/5; 1/800; Focal length: 40mm
  • Zephyrbreakafall - Zephyrbreakafall September’s equinox Sinks-a-sun And floats zephyr In late October The colors fall As pull awaited By mid November Tall spindle twigs Are fractalytic
  • Boardwalk in Federal Way - boardwalk in federal way.jpg
  • Joint Rolling - joint rolling.JPG
  • Feather in Dew - feather in dew
  • Dye Rats - Dye Rats There it goes Again We’ve seen this place So many times before Same thing happened here As it did the last time But we Were Here Before Flipped the coin, another try Same result and we know why This was meant to happen You can’t escape the result It’s all the same It’s …

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  • Puyallup City Hall at Night - Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/4; 1/10; ISO-800; 28mm
  • Catalogue - Catalogue The house is empty Of people But belongings And two dogs Needing to be Looked after In two stories Six seasons pass In a day The suburb is Fenced off From the backyard Time seems To stand still Inside The weather Hits the windows And rays and drops Wick away One of the dogs …

    Continue reading Catalogue

  • Poikilothermal - Poikilothermal Breathe Deep Icicles move across Lungs Every pulse Of a diaphragm Scrapes on bronchi Airy notes of snowscapes And stern teeth of mountains Poised and stood In cold A crevasse Tough as granite Smooth as stone Sharp as stalagtites Blunt as the cold In your hands Or your ears In frost without clouds Where …

    Continue reading Poikilothermal

  • Spot by Bradley Lake - spot by bradley lake.jpg

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