• Smoking Indigo

    nadine smoking indigo final

    Digital Art, created with GIMP 2.8, 3906×2602.

  • Andromeda Over Pierce

    andromeda over pierce 2

    Photo taken at Pierce College. Manipulated in GIMP. 7 layer stack with Andromeda galaxy replacing original sky, and two sets of cloud renders overlaying.

    Hot Topic please hire me to design t-shirts.

    [5184 by 2912]

  • Beneath a Teal Sky


    Ashen Sky” and “Droplets Flare” manipulated in GIMP.

  • Monarch Emblem

    monarch full logo

    The symbol of the Monarch, my Phantom 3 Professional drone. I hope to use this in a variety of ways.

    Lovingly created in Microsoft Paint, and finally rendered in its full size in GIMP. I fucking love GIMP.

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