• Portal to Somewhere Else

    In isolation
    I make a portal to
    Somewhere else

    In my locked bedroom

    I wire the sounds
    That heave with emotion
    Like heavy seas spraying
    Decks of passing ships
    That makes slick the
    Oiled wood keeping
    A simple rigged vessel

    I string the lights
    Like stars and supernovae
    On the same wavelength
    As the audio waves
    Frequency tuned just
    Right to coax that portal
    To open
    Stepping through

    Stepping into
    Shifting dunes
    Glass and concrete
    And mountains nestled
    Into ancient valleys
    As titanic guardians

    That isn’t this lonely place
    Take me to
    Somewhere Else

  • News – Spirals Reappear in Un

    Day 1,085, Reality City – Citizens from the Mile-Long Block have observed those spirals from nearly a hundred days ago reappear late last evening.

    You might remember reports of what seemed to be street art stylized spiral paintings manifest near the tops of various notable places in Un. The district saw its iconic Tower of Upliftance become adorned with these spirals, differing in size and their height on the walls.

    The Monarch has observed these spirals up close and found nothing notable in particular about their design. In fact, they seem perfectly inconsequential.

    This has confused many residents, but the sudden appearance of art is one not unwelcome. Normally Un imports art from Indigo or Memory, which only leads to more questions as to why or how it came about. Speculation says that their cause is the same as last time, that there’s someone avant-garde minded roaming the streets and painting the town black and white.

    In any case, it’s recommended by us here at Radio Reality City to take photographs of what you can before they disappear again. Citizens know very well that Un isn’t host to things that are whole, and this occurrence may not be as long as the last one. Still, there’s no indication that the spirals correlate to anything in particular.

  • People Over Property

    people over property.jpg

    Shot with a Canon SL1; f/5.6; 1/800; ISO-400; 46mm. 4/19/2018 5:18 PM.

    Yeah, Olympia was absolutely founded upon decentralized anarchy.

  • Bodyrain

    Droplets of steam
    Form on the windshield
    And windows
    After we’re done

    And as I start to drive
    They rain slowly down
    Drying to the glass
    These stains of our steam

    Captured after we
    Made a cold day warm

  • Lake Olympia in April 2018

    lake olympia in april 2018.jpg

    Shot with a Canon SL1; f/5.6; 1/800; ISO-320; 29mm. 4/19/2018 5:14 PM.

    You don’t scare me, anymore.