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  • Yo, What’s Up – Journal 6/22/18

    Ladies and gentlemen, I came to the realization of something pretty cool two days ago. I now have a PC that can handle expanding and also deal with the rigors of editing 4k video. I’ve had a recent burst of inspiration from all things virtual reality (as the name itself implies, you might have guessed), and I quickly got the idea that I could probably develop something for the Oculus Rift in Unreal Engine 4 to have a piece of Radio Reality City be able to be experienced.

    I started with a landscape, where I’m going to sculpt terrain to make it look how I imagine the station sitting atop its hill. And then I might be able to make parts of Reality City itself. Have it be something I can walk through, and publish so that others can walk through it, too.

    Why stop there? Why not create an environment where I can put on the Oculus, write poetry in VR and then have those files show up as .png or .txt on my desktop? Isn’t that kinda where I’ve been headed this whole time?

    Hell, just go take a look at Somewhere Else, again, and you could see why I’m giddy at the idea of this. It’d be crazy to build this place. Build places. Why stop at poetry? If I can make the environments I write about, why wouldn’t I want to see what the beaches of Murmur look like? Or the great heights of Poikilothermal?

    It’s a little overwhelming, so I’ve stopped working on the first environment I started. I don’t have an Oculus yet, and that’s a good thing. I don’t want to constantly find new outlets, overwhelm myself, and end up making nothing. So I’ve been writing poetry again, of things I have had yet to tackle. It’s good to get back to basom.

    And today is going to mark another milestone for me. Year 5 of Radio Reality City will start with an editing PC, a Canon 80D, and a DJI Mavic Pro. Today, I will get the 80D.

    7 more megapixels, ever more autofocus points, and a more professional frame. I’ll finally be breaking out from the Rebel series, which in itself isn’t a bad series, it just is NOT professional grade. Frankly, I’m surprised I’ve gotten what I have out of the old XS and SL1. I’m going to be able to do so much more good stuff. It’s going to be fun bringing it home. The 80D is at least no longer entry level stuff. Now that I know what I’m doing after three years of this stuff, I feel confident taking on a much more powerful camera body.

    Photography stuff will be at what it needs to be for a while. I don’t imagine I’ll get a full frame DSLR for a long time. In fact, after the 80D, I’ll probably go for a Sony mirrorless for the video stuff. DSLR sensors are not really made for prolonged exposure on the sensor. So I’ll probably be sticking to lenses for the next year or two.

    But drone stuff will take off properly when I get the Mavic. All in due time, but it’s difficult to pace myself sometimes, I must admit. There’s so much to do and only so much time in one life. I want to be able to make it all with every tool I can.

    Music making is quickly becoming an interest as I have Oculus stuff to think about, too. A good experience needs good sound design to go with it. I wonder how it’ll all turn out.

    Second update this week out of Radio Reality City. More organization is in order!

    And hopefully by Year V, there will be some organization around here! Who coded this bullshit?

    Thank you for tuning in, and while you’re here, consume reality!

    Radio Reality City!


  • Seattle From the West

    seattle from the west.JPG

    Shot with a Canon 100D; f/2.8; 1/15; ISO-400; 24mm. 6/17/2018 9:58 PM.

    For my 21st birthday, the love of my life took me out to dinner and a beach. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

  • Bereverence

    1.1: Gaze upon this child
    As he crawls out of bed
    With a frown on his face
    And tears in his puffy,
    Red eyes staring down
    Trinkets and photos that
    Only remind him of his

    1.2: Observe the despair
    In his canter, and the
    Stoicism he fails to mask
    Himself within.

    1.3: The bereaved believes
    Baptism is what he needs,
    To that end he seeks to soak
    His sadness and drown it
    In a frigid shower.

    1.4: The child hesitates to
    Check his phone, lest a
    Reminder of any variety
    Appear as a notification.

    1.5: Watch his agony and
    Learn, for his body is too
    Weak to expel the stress that
    Sticks to his bones, and he
    Must induce the pain himself
    To feel better by retching.

    1.6: Make way for the child,
    As he has finally summoned
    The strength to stand again.

    1.7: Do not mistake his strength
    For his being strong, for he
    Is certainly not strong.

    1.8: Do not make his same mistake:
    That of experiencing the wrath
    Of bereverence.

    1.9: See now as he walks as though
    He has risen from the dead, for he
    Has, and he has the strength of
    A corpse left flayed in the sun
    To decay.

    2.0: Bereverence take thee, and smite
    The deathly hollow within, rise
    From dirt and rocks and experience
    Regrowth in the form of yourself.

  • Quantum Immortality

    Can’t kill us
    If we’re both
    Alive and dead
    Until you check

    We can’t be alive
    If we’re both
    Dead and living
    Without someone to


  • Truth Project

    The Truth
    Will set you free
    It’ll lift you high
    Above the sky

    It’ll know where
    Home is
    And it’ll show you
    Where you’re going

    It might be loud
    And it’ll kill you
    If you misuse it
    It’s a great tool
    You need to never
    Abuse it

    It can carry one
    As it flies along
    Little extra room
    For dance or song

    It’s heavy
    It’s gracile
    Paradoxical is its
    Middle name

    Have you got a
    Point B in mind?
    Project Truth
    Will take you away.