This is where you can find all my poetry collections. I workshop decently often, and so those will show up here as well. Some of the more formal collections will have a small price tag on them, while the workshops will of course be free to view. In many workshops I include an aside or art or stuff like that, so happy viewing! I try to make every little one a representative for Radio Reality City.


    On May 30th, 2017, the world had it’s first official J-Day. Rules were in my Advanced Writing class under Corrina Wycoff in Spring of 2017 that we had three authors workshopped a day (our of 12) and everybody else had one of the authors to critique. In this instance, I was the only one scheduled for the day. So instead of letting that fact get away from me, I was enabled to bring a massive packet of material to ring in J-Day.


  • Olympia Nights

    Olympia Nights (ON) is a collection of poems I’ve written about my experiences in Olympia over the last three years, with the people, nightlife, temptation, and strange things I’ve found there. Coming out on September 21st for $1, it’ll be featuring Inferno In Stillness, Mizu Moyase, Bloom, and 55 more!

    Pre-order/purchase here!

    The themes of the collection center around dissociation, abstraction, lucidity, and all kinds of fun stuff that’s meant to mess with your perception. Entangling narratives give way to many interpretations of the stories within.

    Check it out!

  • Poetry Final 6/11/16

    This was a collection of poems finalized at the end of Spring Quarter 2016, where I took a poetry class under Michael Roberts at Pierce College. There is some reflection here on what made the poems work and what I’ve worked with, hopefully making some of the process transparent.

    Poetry Finals


Pierce College has a literary journal called SLAM (Student Literary and Arts Magazine), and in the 2016 edition my submission Virgo Olympus was accepted. I was on the editorial board for Pierce College’s SLAM for 2017, and was published in the 2017 edition as well with Rosy White Alcove, Splatter Masquerade, and Wrong Number getting in. I slammed Splatter Masquerade at the reception event. This is the homepage for the journal.


Puyallup High School resurrected its literary magazine, the Viking Voyager, in autumn of 2014 and I was asked to participate on the student-led board. Published in the autumn edition of Viking Voyager was “New Zealand’s Apocalyptic Fiances”; in winter of 2015: “Blink”; in spring of 2015: “Achieve”, “Execution Imperfection”, “Red Petal Blood”, and “A Lot of Irreverent Recoil (H.B.R.)”. This is the Puyallup School District webpage for details on that.


These are digital versions of endeavors I’ve formatted and printed and done up all by my lonesome! These are the things I printed locally and small scale, with mistakes and typos and formatting mess ups intact, because why not? This is how we learn from mistakes. These ones are the first real collections.

The first one: yourissuenow. Finalized on May 6th of 2015. Grace Woods was very kind to do some illustrations that appear for some of the pieces in this issue. They appear with their associated poems around the site such as on No Land Beyond.

The second transmission: secondtransmission. Finalized on January 15th, 2016. I really like the cover on this one.

The third one, a chapbook: chapbookfinal. Finalized on June 1st, 2016. (It’s formatted to print front and back on two sheets of paper, so it’ll look weird in its raw form like this.)

Volume 4, another chapbook: Chapbook No. 2. This one’s without page numbers or an introduction, to cut down on printing costs. The QR code on the back takes you to a special page on this site welcoming people to Radio Reality City who find this volume out in the wild. I think this one is more effective than the third edition, because it’s much more compact and has all the information on the back cover, which I haven’t done before. To me, that makes it much more functional. Finalized on November 23rd, 2016.