Their banners lean.

Glint of moonlight
Colors spears a pale white
Bobbing to
This quiet tune.

Flags are stained red,
An approaching dread
Creeps on through,
Below view.

The gauntlet down.

Arrowheads of ice.

Painted herbs and spice
Black below their eyes,
Peering nerves unwracked,
Through stone wall cracks.

The scent of tense is left
Only on quiet breath

Before they move.

Ninety-Eight Jeep Cherokee… My Wolverine

Ninety-Eight Jeep Cherokee… My Wolverine

A high-caliber bullet,
A jade butterfly,
And a big key
Dangle around a mirror.

Years ago
There was
A boy in the backseat
Playing his boombox.

With your mighty treads
The boy crawls
Over steep hills and
Through deep floods,

And your weathered screen
Deflects wind snaps,
Shakes off heavy rain,
And harsh sun on deck.

Spotlights of your intimidating
Face glare light into
Dark seas, while your back
Tells others to slow down.

You’ve accelerated through curves,
Tricking the butterfly into
Trying to wriggle and thrash
From its cocoon once more.

You’ve heated and cooled,
Need to be fueled,
And you shake with
Anxiety near top speed.

I always carry the key,
The trick, the code
To being all the crew
And inciting oar to row

Through any dank jungle
Or forsaken flats,
Or ghost towns or more
Boastful and proud lands.

You are a beacon, the
Way home. You are a
Mount I can count on,
Waiting docked in a quay.

The boy can be captain,
Protected in the breech
Of an armored tank cabin,
Riding over rogue waves

As a destroyer, a submarine,
Or anti-tank immobilizer.
Grown up playing in the backseat,
Now with a big key,

Wrist resting on the yoke,
And left hand on the throttle.
A high-caliber bullet, and
An excited butterfly in hand;

Looking through the periscope
On a bridge, now mine at command.

May I

May I

May I brush the hair
Out of your eyes
So I can see you?

May I hold your hand
In my own
So that I might feel you?

Can I hug you
Tight and close
To show about you I care most?

May I kiss you?
If only to share
And revel in your sweetness?

Would you be okay
If I saw you naturally
And let you enrapture me?

May I trace all of you
With my hands
To know that you are real?

May I take a picture
To save you
And display you?

May I connect with you
To form a bond
That I will never soon forget?

Can you be all the firsts
For me
And hold all those records?

May I daydream about you
Every day
All day?

May I feel these things
For you?
May I love you?

Thoughts by an Open Window

Thoughts by an Open Window

In late night,
Distortion of
Running engines

They echo across
A sleepy and quiet
Town’s slopes and
Flats of land.

I sit here listening
To a whistle
From a train miles

Blinds are drawn
If only to see
The twinkling stars
Between patchy clouds.

A cool breeze sneaks
Into the room. It is
Quiet. Quiet apart from
The whispering train whistle.



A set of razor teeth
In a raven’s beak
Of a maw of wreak
Sensing the weak

To shut tight its grasp
Holding fast in clasp

Outstretching its wings
Raising head with limbs
Orchestrating strings
Splaying out feathers

Laser red eyes
Piercing the brush

Prey will not wait
For very long
To be taken in talon
And crushed

Bad Batch

Bad Batch

You are the ones we hate
Despise those eyes
Hiding beneath grotesque
And melting disguises

Just the same old
But brand new
A fresh batch
To be rude to

All the merry people
Driving to work and school
Slowing in the fast lane
Burning out, so cool

Put another battery
In your vaping pen
Stuck another vial
Of juice to defile

Your lying teeth, yellowing
In the UV rays
Sticking to your lips
When falsehoods are said

Rude coniving larvae
Of maggots writhing
In their vain contraptions
Of phones entraping

Atrophied little hands
Like a t-rex clasps
And stick to a steering wheel
Of a spoilered FWD Subaru

Thinking you’re so cool
We can barely contain
Our laughter as your
Chipped motor tears by



I drove past you yesterday.

I saw you at the
Local cafe.

I noticed someone
That could have been you
Walking on the overpass.

I’m sure it was you
Sitting at a table by yourself
In the atrium.

I served you food.
I cut you off.

My shoulder brushed
Yours in the hallway.

Do you remember?

You must have heard
My voice on the television
Or radio or in that song.

I built your key ring.

I invented the bed
You slept on.

I work at the factory
That produces your brand
Of shampoo.

I signed that bill.
You know the one.

With your top, I bought
Myself a second lunch.

I was the person
On duty that day.

I’m the artist who
Your favorite shirt.

You heard about my crime
On the news, and how
I escaped prison yesterday.

You heard someone I know
Call my name at the park,
But you won’t remember it.

I thought of it before you.

I was the nurse
In the operating room.

I was in the kitchen
Of that diner
When your food was made.

I stitched your coat.
I made the signals change.

You accidentally stepped
On my foot and then

I got home and saw
You run out to get
The mail.

You said no when I
Asked you.

You watch and pay
Attention to me on
Your screen.

I wrote your beloved
TV show.

I might know someone
Who knows you.

I had the idea for
Your belt.

You might have contracted
My flu

You don’t know where you
Come from, but in my lab
I can.

I made your pants
Too small.

I rolled and packaged
Your wrapping paper.

I got a regift
Of your present.

I bought the junk
You put up on eBay.

I asked you for spare change.

I stole your stereo.

I killed one of your ancestors
On the battlefield.

I used to own
The home
You live in.

I waved at you,
Unaware that
There was someone
Else behind me
You were addressing.

I dropped
That penny
You picked up.

I once used the lamp
You see as an antique.

You bought groceries
At my register.

You glanced over me
At the
Movie theater.

You only ever heard
About me.

I replaced your
In the sand.

I held a railing
Where once
Was your hand.

I misdialed you.

I saw a photo
Of you
A long time ago.

I deliver your post.

I read what you wrote.

I sold you a DVD
Years ago.

I had class in the
Room beside yours.

I made a mental note
Of how good
Your hair looked.

That money was once
In my hands.

I programmed
Your navigator.

The first person
Beating that path
Was me.

You saw what I
On that tree.

I began the movement.

I easily manipulated you,
And you still
Don’t know it.

I decided that sometimes
Stripes aren’t tasteful.

I like your style.

I’m still waiting for
Karma to take effect
On you.

You flashed me
With high beams.

We argued
On the internet.

I sorted recyclables
From your trash.

You passed me the salt.

I saved your life,
In some small way.

I’m the reason
The line
Was busy.

I decided that price.

Your produce was
In my truck.

I bought the farm.

I took your spot.

I was.