Out With

Eating curry and
Orange chicken
That stuff you said
You had

Hot tea
Sticky rice

We made back when
We took the leftovers

But before we could
Do that
We drove for
A few hours

Looking for a gas station

All the while we poked
And prodded each other

On the late night
Hour drive
To North Bend
In heavy rain

It was something like a
Sweet adventure
Just you and I
Having some kind of time
Of our lives


Didn’t matter how magical
Because you were the pull
For these things we did
To never once have a lull


Black and White Mocha

Black and white
I wish I could
As slight

As you can
But you still

Had to teach me
About the poor man’s

It’s as close as I can

For you

White chocolate powder
To make drop coffee
And put cocoa powder in
With almost no creamer

Not as competent as you
But you can still teach me
More than a poor man’s

It’s a “dirty” mocha
Because I made it

There’s still so much
You can show me
And I’d love to know
What you do and how

And then things won’t
Be as black and white
When try as I might
And succeed to make

Your favorite

In Withdrawal

This feeling
A last wish
From a sinful kiss

As I leave you

As I feel you

Warmth slipping away
An ecstatic grip

From your lips
As your body begs
Me not to go away
But to continue kissing


If we could
We would slowly


A rare sight
In the cloud’s hazy light
Which scatters down
The mountainside

Obscuring its tallest peaks
And making the base
Seem impossibly steep

Glittering wet
Blackberry vines
On the side
Of the freeway

Grey all around
Rain like stars

We could be
Driving on a
Nebula highway

With no point
Of reference
But the road
And the trees

Sitting passenger
Java chip frap with
A shot of peppermint
In my hands


You seem so
Far above me

So queenly
Queening upon me

Holding your hands
French kissing you
Deep and passionate

You veil me
In your shade
Your scent
And sensation on my

A lush luscious
In the dark

Bold and proud

It is what makes
This ornate crown

Your royalty

Her domain

A Point of Defiance

As an island rising
Above the horizon
In an ocean of
Mist and fog

Mountain’s base is
Radiating with
Higher peaks still

Like a point defying
And shying away
Into the abyssal blue
Into the choked sky

At the edge of
A valley
An inland empire
In a great canyon
Hearing the void

Sun rays smiting
Smoke asunder
A titan’s stone
Stoic face revealed

World defiant

Teardrop Shapes

The way you look
On top of me
You’re my nicotine

It’s dim inside
But your shapes
Stand out

You’re all the feeling
I’m feeling
Experience itself

Teardrop hips
And narrow lines

When you rise
And stretch above me

I can feel
The scars

On your back
From when

You had wings

Self Destruct

I would probably
Self destruct

If you weren’t around

You save me from myself
When I think for myself

And you’re the one
Who comes up from
Behind the wall
To see what trouble
I’ve gotten into

And you untangle me
From my mess
Assist and wait for me
To be in distress


You make me feel
Like there’s nothing wrong
Even when I suck
At singing songs

I feel like
You redefine natural
And make it so there’s
Nothing to fear

I just need you here
When it hurts too much
I can’t think enough
To save myself

But it doesn’t matter
What the situation is
As long as it’s us
Sharing a kiss

Because I’d probably
Self destruct
Without you

And I’d be looking
All over
Just to

Find out where you’d gone
And to see for just how long
Because I know at the end
I wouldn’t have to miss you