Oak Half Macro – Visual Poetry

oak half macro

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oak half macro

From the poem “Oak Half”. Lineated in Microsoft Publisher. PNG.


It’s when the stars
Fade with rising dawn

My plate armor
Is dented
And punctured

Bloody and ruined

Sword and shield
Drop from hands
Fatigued, I keel

With broken endurance
And no longer will
Find a mythic will
To avenge myself

Yet you will

Take the weaponry
And dawn the visage
I once wore

Fighting a freakish foe
In my name

Fierce and fiery
A haze
Passion on display

A will to be feared
A fury in soul flame

Cutis Anserina

Existential starlight
As the night
Bows in twilight

Soot of a black air
Is slowly swept away

Through the
Snoqualmie Pass

Over Teneriffe’s teeth
And North Bend valley peaks

Embers of Sol
Burn Ellensberg’s soul

As the visible spectrum
Scorches the grass

Into Yakima Valley
This twisting path

And the sun rises
Wiping the cold

Cool darkness
From your skin

As purple becomes pink
Hot reds melt nightish blues

And the warmth rises
Like wings to tomorrow

Day has been broken


Whenever a footprint
Must be rewound

I find I lack a will
To look around

Photos take me back
In time all at once

Sounds of my souls
Echo like a movie

I lean back in my seat
As memories set scene

Set sail
And turn me pale

With grief for all the
Dead memories buried

For all the angsty
Fucked up metaphors

I’ve seen connect
In the film strips

How many more yarns
Of possible pathways

Must yet be cut

What questions
Never answer

Closure never closed
Threads of a frame

To be
Stripped out

No Expectations

Poison colored
Locks of ivy
Flowering with
Green pigment
So bright
And neon
And lovely

A nude

Cloaked in a
Cloak invisible
To sting
With venom

If needed

Long strands of
Toxic green
Wasting decaying

Thick and luminous
Split ends
Like needles

Stark and gorgeous
When unwrapped

Yet lethal
To the touch

No expectations


I can’t be sure
How much was real
As the magician with the knives
Has spun the wheel

A circus sideshow
A trickster paid
In disguise to fool guys
Just like me

Or was it genuine
Not a foundation of lies
That still has this rule
Over trust and doom

I want you to
Rewrite my history
Scratch out all the unfamiliar
Faces, replace them with you

I want every memory
Every song
Every sweet sentiment
To be overwrit

I want my life to be
An illusion
Granted a second chance
By you the magician

To make it all fall away
Like it was one big set
And that I might be
Able to start again

To be pacified with the
Knowledge that one day
All the first times
Will be with you

All the places I’ve hiked
Were with you on my shoulders
And all the flowers I bought
Were all for just you

As the knife of fate
Between your fingers
Is cast at the target
Fixed to the wheel

I want you to cut me deep
And reveal that this is what’s real


Behind the lenses
Are eyes that are patient

They observe and have
The nerve for waiting
To see what might be
Made of the blank slate

Reflective glasses

Mirroring the observed
Back to themselves
As they wonder what thoughts
Lie behind the opaque mask

What ideas lurk
And what poison
Must perk
A mask to shift

Quiet and cold
Beyond those
Mirrored nerves