Silky sweet, like a
Flower who’s sugary warm

Petals lapped up
The dew that misted

In a field

Bright pink and tall among
Leafy grass in the sun

Bathing in glory and shining


Teeth of Cascadia

Alpine wind
The air’s so thin

Leaves and stone and rain
And mud and snow and
Water and steps and slopes
And links in the chain

Then you don’t know the mind
Then you don’t understand
Then you don’t know the bite
Then you know the might

We’re dancing on the tongue
Looking up at
White cliffs
And granite outcrops

Then you don’t understand
As you walk and admire the span
Of every horizon so far below
The Teeth of Cascadia

Then you’ll know the plan
To get there

Worth it more than you can know
Then you don’t know the flight
It took to get here

You don’t know
You’re not just human
You’re a machine who climbed
Into the giant’s jaw

Just a pinprick
Just an impossible dot
On the snowy white teeth
In a torquoize mouth of
The giant Cascadia

Improbable caught
No way off the rock

Lost in the trenches
And cliffs
And slopes
In the mouth

The jagged maw
Snowcapped and cold
Alpine and warm
Somehow never explored

Glancing bites
Among the tree horizon
We were set up
And green flesh pushed away

To rise above were
The hard stone and lakes
Then you know the might
Then you know the bite by

Green below the stone
Jagged chained grey

Bow down to the
Beast of Cascadia
Lay down like an
Awe-struck follower

Walk along
It’s jaw
And pray it doesn’t eat you
Or that the slopes of stone
Don’t take your life

Understand the beauty it holds
But know that any wrong move
Can take you tumbling down
Those same beautiful mountains

Bow down to the
Beast of Cascadia

Stand down
To the
Teeth of Cascadia


White walking down
The slate mountain


All the hallmarks
Of a sun-drenched
Alpine cascade
Of snow meadows
And blue trees

Every leaf a message
Every snowflake a
Way to think about
How to stay

At the peak

For weeks and freeze
With the solemn
Stoic gaze of the
Gorgon mountain

Waiting for when
Lightning strikes

And suddenly the
Place is shocked


Time and place
Stopped and captured

With ice crystals
The stone
Refracting the light
Into fractals of
Beauteous designs

Shining through
With all the colors
Of every spectrum
Is the sun

Glowing mightily over
A new statue
On the slate peaks

Of a grey chain
Of intrinsic

Willing to freeze
Wanting to stay

And see all the places

Shouldn’t Be

Shouldn’t be

A glitch in the stream
A crack in the slab

Of a tablet
Held by an oracle
Who reads it

A black
Character marrrrr-

This shouldn’t
Be happening

This shouldn’t exist

You shouldn’t be
Reading this

Couldn’t even

Why this shouldn’t be
Even though it’s what
I’m trying to


But of all of

This shouldn’t be


It never happened
But it could have

What would it have been like?

Maybe like every other

Ending in fire and fury
Or a quiet pulverization

Or neverending

Never ashing

Not worth a
Second thought?


Never started so
Suspended in stasis

A fire that froze
Like a slow-motion

Lighting off

Space dust

By any other name,
Elements of creation
So close

But never to burn
To cinders
A zugzwang


To always
Yet neverash


Maybe this is the last one

Collapsed, inflamed,
Choked, drowned

So many times my
Vents have been
Mixed with malady

Courted by infection

Keep breathing, I’m told
Deep breaths, they say
In… and out through the nose

Not as easy when you’re
Not getting enough air

When they’re sunk
Or punctured

How many times have
My lungs been injured?

Maybe this time will
Be the
Last one…


I am immortal

Not because I can’t suffer

But because I am not

Of the beyondest pale

My road to

For when I do finally

I intend to break the

Of the reaper himself

I am immortal

Not because I cannot
Be slain

But because I am
A muderer of murder

An apocalypse

Because I welcome
The inevitable

Sight into doom

Where my aggression
Must rise

And adrenaline flow

Welcome to the
Final mystery

Yet when I get there
And solve it

It won’t be as polite
Of a throe

Dance of the Doom Dirge

It’s a scary shadow
Walking determinedly
Down a dark hallway

With dim backlights

His terrifying mind
Gears are visibly
Twisting, thinking

Gears are churning
Through the black
Slag of his intent

In his skull

This horrifyingly
Capable man

Black clad

Every heavy step
On the ground

Makes it kneel
As he passes

Stone hot drive
Of a thirsty presence
Treated as a

Dark prince

The seems to reveal itself
As his minion

As he dirges
Through the halls

Beat of steps
Like he’ll steal
Your soul

And a monstrous
Presence as a
Chill on the air

As you see
Him near

Let yourself
Be struck
By fear

As you hear

His feet dance
Dance of the
Doom Dirge