Round 3

Fuck it’s a fight about
A poem about fighting

Fuck what I feel
You know who cares?

Not a one
Gives a fuck
About me and
My bad luck

Think I give a shit
About what I feel?
God damn what I am
Just ain’t even real

Motherfuckers won’t
Remember my bruised
Face and blackened
Bloodshot eyes

And paralyzed
By a toxin
Poisonous rocks in

Your shoes making it
Uncomfortable to even walk
In your own skin diabolical
Clocks ticking time away

A vampire’s leeched your
Ego away
Your shield and sword
Lowrider and glock

Snark level minimum
If you do you’re
Killing them

Better not write
Another one

Better censor
The spilling thoughts
Before you break

Round 3
How’s the face feel?
Pummeled and funneled
Words siphoned out your mouth

Criticisms never ending
But don’t you respond
Any more words like that
And be less toxic

Quicksand across the land
Step quietly
With a fist
In a hand

I have to type out my
Apologies on a processor
To make sure I don’t skirt
Anything that’ll piss you off

I’ll be doing these things
Waiting patiently
While you never say a single
Piece about why that poem
Meant something to me

Don’t apologize, I’m all good
Verbal abuse was never
My thing
But you’ll make it my food

And siphon these words
Out my mouth
To satisfy yourself
No self awareness to tout

This is round 3
How’s the face feel?
I’m bleeding and bruised
And my ego’s eroded

Still alive I say
I am so zen
Your apology will be
When your actions confronting

Yourself will have no one
Else to blame or bully
I hate to say it but fuck
You don’t fight very nice

Yet I can’t talk to you
About these things
And if I expose any bit of it
Oh, that’s fight worthy

I’m guilty of
But the shit you say
Is so much more tangible

If we were fighting in public
I’d be proud of myself
And I know for a fact that
You’d be ashamed of yourself

Emasculating manhandling
Actually hurtful bullshit
Name calling and insulting
I am proud of myself

I’m too zen to let your hatred in
These topsy-turvy
Bipolar sentences
That you whip me with

I can’t forgive you with
And you’ll spin this shit
Every which way
And at the end of my day

I’m going to bed with a
Smile on my face
Because I’m proud
I survived one more round



Flowing like a gutter
Just an arm to another
Destined for the dirty sewers
Through dank tunnels

Drains for the storms
For the clouds overhead
Could you take a leaf out
On the water and ride it?

Mucky and grimy
Algae is climbing
Quick city currents
Lightless and blinding

Fabricate a way to change
The course of the river
Taking control
Of the waves you ride

One more set

Abstergo Invictus

Bitter frost
Warm hearts

South Tacoma Way
There to slam poetry
Signed up
Signed you up, too

Waited for you
To get dropped off
‘Cause your dad
Didn’t know this event
Wasn’t extra credit

We waited for Real Art
A stand-up show
To perform in
But it never happened

We signed up
And left for dinner

Across the street
Stonebank oven pizza,
The place was shady

4/20 party set to blaze
Up in the front we were
In the middle of decorations
Laden with herbs and balloons

Chatting about
Changed reputations
Words rolling right
Off the tongue

But the back
Was a bar so seedy our waitress
Gave us a receipt
For someone else’s drinks

Paying for a whiskey
And a shot of vodka
Not meant for you or me

And we were offered crackers
And cannabis on a silver platter

No sooner did we
Think we were
Strapped for time
Did I admire the time

Evening 8:25
This neon vibe
You and I

Sheening blackrock top
And shiny store lights

Windy on the
Where we waited,
I was warden

A watchdog
In wonderfully dirty
South Tacoma uncertainty

According to you
I’m not the person
I was once
Thought of to be

Stripped off, unconquered

Noctem ambulantes
By roadways and factories

Goosebumps and bone chill
Like when you listen
To good music’s heat
In the moment

Expectations evolve
Hearts and minds yet

– Esque.”

Tarrid, la yaqhar,
Parthenos Olympos.
Ab-ster-go in-vic-tus!

Expectations evolve
Hearts and minds yet

Blast Rip

This fitbit on my wrist
Was made in China
And I wear it when I sleep
As I listen to vinyl

Records I ripped to my phone
I wake up in the morning
And I check my reddit
My post about poetry: 5 upvotes


I get my coffee and I’m driving
LMFAO on my stereo
On my birthday present
Speaker bought from Costco

All the while I’m wearing
A shirt I’ve had for seven years
Riding high without a fear
With the wind in my trimmed hair

I’m great
Thank god for me
I’m sterling in my

How the fuck couldn’t you
Wake up every day
And be so happy to just
Fucking breathe?

So I make my Jeep smile
As I’m driving it
Swigging Rockstars
And swerving smoothly

Sun shining or raining
Who even cares
We’ll handle it all
Just the same

As when I swagger on in
To Pierce College campus
With a half-empty can
Of Whipped Strawberry
In my right hand

And in my left is my phone
Not connected to my stereo
Still blasting LMFAO
“Sorry For Party Rocking”

It’s difficult to be upset
When shit’s so fucking cool
And the vibe’s so damn good
And everyone around me

Is chilling, having fun


What is this
As I sit in the wake
Of those who have

At a grand table
I have a seat
With them
For a discourse
And a five course

Dressed to the nines
In a black tie
Looking around at

Mohagany has never
Been so uncomfortable
Under tall ceilings and
Crystal chandeliers

Don’t know who paid
For this
Don’t know who
Organized it

I’m enjoying the food
What have I done
To earn this?


A fringe of dyed emerald
Hair peeks out
From behind your hijab
Shy smile white teeth
Your wrapping a deep ocean blue
With distant glittery suns
Woven in it
Smokey nebulae surround
A grin worth galaxies

Poetry class peer
Advanced Writing workshopper
Award winner

Yet some split ends
Were showing
And I pointed
Them out to you

As I was sat for lunch
And you came to talk
And you appreciated
Me pointing them out

Deep hazel eyes
Powdery makeup
Stopping by
To say “Hi.”
To me

Leaving now
Probably forever
You’re a rocketeer
Blasting off

So long
My friend

Should I…?


Metro 2027

Cobalt salt
Probably wasn’t
Your fault

“Fallout” callout
Yeah, we know

Our world’s done for
As far as it shows

Tsar bomba?
Atomic weapons?
Kinetic bombardment?

We went

Cobalt salt
Not your fault
You didn’t have the button
To take out frustration

They didn’t wait
To split atoms
As a deterrent

We’re all gonna die

Crawl up and cry
‘Cause the cobalt salts
Already fly

In the shell of fusion warheads
So complex
Don’t detest
Go as DEFCON has led

To number one
To midnight

Threat level imminent
Rockets in our skies

Cobalt salts
Weren’t my fault either
I don’t make decisions
For disarmaments

To limit our armories
And shell out hope for peace

Cobalt salts weren’t my fault
But it doesn’t matter now that
There are chemtrail clouds

Shockwaves and heat blasts

I’m talking UV-c
Could you please

Duck and cover?

It’s like the clouds have gone
Now we’re frowned upon
By furious missiles
Yelling by

Call your mother
And your loved ones
Maybe you’ll have the time

To say your last goodbyes

Cobalt salts
Weren’t really our fault

But we let it all happen
No disarmament
To compliment
Any of our peace talks

Cobalt salts
Atomic bombs
Fallout from nuclear

Blast waves so beautiful
Radiation so shining
With no sun screen
Left to keep us all
From dying