He has a mind of his own
I let him go long ago

My spirit out roaming Earth

I’m feeling, it seems
For the first time

The shackles are gone
My affection is a phase
I knew this to be
Perfection: chased

It’s forgetting me
My spirit
It’s letting go

I can feel it shrinking away
All the memories

They’re leaving for someplace better


Thank you
For letting me experience you
You are generous

For showing me a world
I fell in love with
And wouldn’t have with anyone else

I fell in love with you
I am in love with you
Yet this is my departure

I leave you with my spirit
That you will always keep
At least I hope you’ll remember me

I’ll remember you
Because you’re perfect
And because I love you

My darling
I’m sorry
But we must be quiet now

We must have dignity
We must have peace
For the end

It’s okay
To float off and away
I’ll just lay here and watch

The plumes of memory
Into nothing

I’ll miss you
I already do
I did months ago

Every day I’ll try to remember
Try to remember you
Because I love you

I don’t want to forget
I have to let go
But I never want to

I’ll watch the plumes float away
Then one day
I’ll try and chase them again

I’ll be trying to remember you
I’ll be crying to remember you
And I won’t ever be able to

My spirit
My darling
My never-forgotten love

I will forever chase you

Those balloons of wonder will pop
Stars in my sky will disappear
And you’ll be gone

Someday I’ll have a nightmare
And wake to loneliness
Without you

Someday, I’ll jump out of bed
Run outside
And scream at the sky

Someday I’ll take a walk
And try to talk
With the clouds

I will forget you
But my hope
Will never forget

I will hope those memories are up there
I will whisper to the clouds and see
If they still tell me nothing

I’m sorry, my love. I’m scared.
I can’t help what is happening
I’m going to someday forget

I’m going to forget about you

Keep my spirit safe

Oh, god how did it come to this?

Twenty Tumblers

Twenty Tumblers

I’m a twenty tumbler lock
No one was watching

Picked from your pocket
A set of picking tools

Into me, you thrust a knife
A screwdriver too, you twist inside

My tumblers cry when forced away
Metal screeches at you, to disobey

While you sat there for a while
I was preparing to show you inside

Twenty tumblers, locked to protect
Twenty tumblers, showed no respect

Short work was made of my defense
I hope you find what you want, arrest



The demolition team
Looked at lost gleam
Through plastic visors
They gawk and admire

A single brick tower
From apartment’s power
Shot to skylines
Implying the lost time

Glass windows at top
Looked over the crop
Of grey smokestacks
And plain backdrops

An elevator in shaft
Custom built-to-craft
Sat long un-levered on
Long cables quite weathered

Dusty glass panels
Rough floor tiles
Cracked brick casing
Iron pipes chasing

Timber splintered
Mortar winter
Masonry handiwork
Aesthetic surface quirks

At the tower summit
Wind says to plummet
Creaking steel asunder
Tries to pull you under

Safety rails broken away
Only rivets and stumps stay
An archaic observing space
The perfect thinking place

Over the grey and plain
From red bricks, glass panes
An old uplift, brass elevator
Destroyed home, precursor



Oh, yes, the pulse
The beat of this city
With its loud festival
And bright night alleys

With sight we spy
The lake lights sigh
They dance with waves
And bow heads in dismay

Downtown is beautiful
Gorgeous and perplexing
Men who skate and walk
Their speech is so vexing

Oh, yes, this pulse
Of uncertainty and no care
Without consequence
Or mandated repair

Knowing this corner of time
Knowing that we were here
Pulsing with the city
For whatever it’s worth

It doesn’t matter; the legacy
It’s now that has weight
Feeling the pulse and
Watching the lake lights dance

Onto the beaten path
The lights shine the way
We walk here in a modest valley
Too perfect, to capture: a folly

Oh, this pulse
No, you let it roam
Don’t seek that which cannot be
Brought to justice

It was strange, yes
Yet no harm was done
Just a wild roller coaster
A night forever won

It caused no pain
It cauterized our wounds
This place, this pulse
It is our boon

We walk, we talk
We vex and mock
We pulse and breathe
Under our city canopy

No care in the world
This city is our world
In this space, this time
This pulse will be mine

Charlie’s Circus

Charlie’s Circus

Black magic
Ring scoundrels
Buxom bearded ladies
Lions roaring and inflating

Welcome to
The circus of Charlie

Look at the hall of freaks
Or the funhouse mirror beyond
Ride the carousel on the wall
Hold on tight, try not to fall

When you tire and your thirst grows
Sit down with a pint at one of our shows
Eat sugary, sour candies
Wander the lot, an pick pansies

The main event has arrived
A fire-juggling man is here
To fight a bull and tame your fear
He’ll recite novels too, listen and leer

Once that’s done, there is much left
The conjoined twins, games to play
Carnival shops and souvenir shoes
Just look at all the things to do

Soothsayer’s Song

Soothsayer’s Song

When the valiant troop of noble king’s men
Rode out to the forest of fallen tree boughs
Peruvian landscapers fell upon the wary knights
They spoke in French tones and suggested plant types

The French speakers’ children had nothing to do
So they danced around the bewildered men, a few
Ashes poured from the children’s small shoes
Jewels in their pockets continued lives unvalued

Strange People

Strange People

Look at the people
All the pretty people
Gaily resuming their day

They don’t know me

All the strange people
They do and die today
All the strange people
They’ll never know me anyway

Look at the people
Pushing their carts
And their cars
And agendas

Look at them grazing
Rambling crazy
Becoming plump and round
And big

Who do they know?

All the strange people
They live and perish the same
All the strange people
Leashed and lashed without shame



You can’t begin to perceive
How high above the sky is
Or count the particles cloutless
In a cloudless atmosphere

Are they really there?
Have you felt a cloud?
Have you ever touched a mountain
And known it to be?

Are the stars vast projections?
Is the world we stand on real?

We all have our own stories, don’t we?
What a shame reality is different than truth
What you perceive, you can’t be sure you do
What a crime that people even made up time