Fields of wheat weave silent
Sitting rooted something thin

Wind threading in and out
Nothing stirs above but when

The war ends

Sits a lone gunslinger
Shell shocked pain reaver

Jacket yellow as the crops
Copper soil but the plots

Where bodies bled out
And brown uniforms turned

To mulch

Overworked by the ruin
Wrought by the struggle

Wheat whips in wind
Around the gun wielder

Had a deathwish that
Ended when he didn’t

Knew nothing but shooting
Now staring at irony

This was the last fight
He needed to fight

Watching the sun set
Over the meadows
Staring at cliché

Alone with the moment that
Came after guns stopped


After all
The guns
Stopped clapping

Ellensberg Omen

You can’t but see the haze
Lung irritating
Trees on horizon hills
Lay cloaked, beyond still

A leak below
Spitting sulphur
Into a crystal sky
To turn smokey quartz

What was once beautiful
Is now still in a different form
Now torn the ground
And make leak the unfound

All the birds call
For any port in this storm
Tracking the air
Like veins in a hand

Reaching with their wings
Through the choking
Air caked with grime

Before the world returns
To a façade of
Smokey quartz
And no sanctuary in ports

Just a burn and purge
Just the cleansing smoke
Snuffing a citrine
Starless sky to silence

Off in the distance
There stirs nothing
For the weak find their
End in an air of quartz

Ancestral Shrines

I’m trying to invoke the spirit of autumn
With you
Trying to tie up all these loose threads
And bind rocks together
In the shrines we’ve built
Out in the woods
To remember what
We’ve left behind

Never dying like
Those falling leaves

Just another place to worship
How we got to where we are
Before we move on


Far away from any city
There is but cloth and blood

Under no pretension
But release of such
Orgasmic silence
In being isolated

No rest for the wicked
No comfortable place

Yet so together
The world turns
Without us and
Time flies like

Circling their prey

A domineering call
Over night and day

Radio waves crash unto coast
Forward unto dusk
And burning it all
So drastically away

There is but blood
On the beach

But sand and our feet
But stars we can see

Supernovae all we can hear
Bone conducted
For we have no ears
As that sense has left us

It’s more about what
Scavenger eyes spy

What their feathers feel
What hollow bones sing
As they compress
And torque

So much music
In our bodies
As we
Listen to

Bloodful iron run
And raven suns

Making our
Senseless bodies
Under silent
Mechanisms release

Senseless silence an
Overwhelming way to see

Articulated Silences

You can watch
A soul’s will

Ever so quietly

Silence in its
Disappearing life

Nothingness as its
Fibers drift away

Souls like thoughts
Overclocked when
You need no moral
To push forward

Silence in the lives cut
As amorals move through

Articulate silences
In the motion
Of a falling soul’s
Last breath

Nothing ever so
Serious in death