Broadcasts and Sounds

Suddenly, your music is interrupted by a rogue wave from Somewhere Else…

  • Erfhygjni – Sounds of Reality City


  • Paradox – Sounds from Reality City

    This is the intro for my Radio Reality City broadcasts, extended by a factor of ten. I present to you: Paradox, from the album “Sounds from Reality City”. Hope you enjoy! Because I hope to make more just like it!

  • Day 1,008 – Broadcasts

    Broadcast segment from today out of the city of Reality!

    We’re talking about photography, vandals in the Undistrict, and a little bit about the riots that happened last night in Currency!

    Featuring music by Kauf!

  • Day 1000 – Broadcasts

    Today’s broadcast segment from Day 1,000 of Radio Reality City.

    Featuring news from downtown, a talk about titans, and cliches in the form of sky stuff.

    Featuring the music A Moment in Time by Deadmau5, Light Control by Solar Fields, Going Down by Jake Chudnow, and Somewhere Up Here by Deadmau5.