Analog Alexandria – Journal 6/9/21

So here we are. Is it everything you expected it to be?

I almost died in a car crash yesterday. Someone jumped a median from the oncoming lanes and caught air in my direction. Thankfully, some kind of instinct took over and before I thought I saw it coming I was already swerved up onto the sidewalk to avoid it. Looking back, I must have been missed by inches. Judging by the aftermath when I sprang out after hitting my hazards and pulling over, the car was probably stolen and the guys that were in it took off in a different car that had been following them. After talking to the firefighters and police that showed up I doubt anything will come of it.

And that led to a very interesting evening where reality waved in and out, understanding just how fast that could have happened. Not exactly introspective about it, and somehow I’m managing to take it lightly. Woke up this morning with the Circle Jerks’ “I’m Alive” in my head despite not having heard that song in years.

Part of putting this here is that this is the only way to put it out there. With that withdrawl from Instagram, I’ve created a community Discord server at this link: mostly for chat regarding things here. Hopefully this can grow into something kinda neat but as of now no concrete plans for what it can become.

I’m also putting more stuff up on my Redbubble shop here for some prints. I’m realizing that if I’m going to be a working artist ever I need to establish presence where it matters. Which is here and there and everywhere that doesn’t drain my time.

Part of this latest redesign of the website is to redistribute old content in a healthier format. I want to organize all the old poems and older content into .epubs and .pdfs for free upload. I think that’s a valuable thing. If anyone has any ideas of software that’s useful for either automation or bookmaking in that way, please leave a comment.

You guys really are the best for sticking with this, if I have any readers here from 2015 feel free to let me know, as well. I think it’s super cool that anyone’s been around for that long here prodding me along. If you guys have any favorite posts or poems hit me up! I’d like to make a best of compilation of some kind.

I know the site itself looks threadbare, but that’s only because new infrastructure is being laid again.

Consume reality! Radio Reality City!

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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