CQC – Journal 10/18/18

Yo, what’s up guys, it’s your boy Jake here with another Minecraft unboxing video. We’re going to be hoping for some SWEET EXOTIC SKINZ, blessed by papa Notch…

Fuck all that.

Hey guys, it’s me. The person that runs this website. I’m still alive! As if constant output didn’t outwardly display that fact, let me reassure you that stuff is still moving, but it’s all moving in such a weird, opaque way. Whatever. Thanks for sticking around through existential bouts of apathy as well as all the other stuff.

Before we move on, if you’d like to stay current with my everyday creative exploits and otherwise, I better spew some social media links out here, right? It’s a lot easier to post something to Instagram and Snapchat than it is to put up on the site.


You can get me on Snapchat at my user jakethomasshaw. That’s right, no identity thieves are going to misrepresent me anytime soon.

And speaking of the site in general, as of right now Radio Reality City is a little confused on what it wants to be. I’ve realized that there are a couple of major arms to this whole thing, but it is kraken-like in its ability to ensnare anything I do creatively. There’s not a lot of order outside of tabs and that kind of stuff. With older versions of PHP going out of business here really soon, I’m worried about what might break but ready to tackle it in anticipation of having a harder, better, faster, stronger understanding of where this is all going.

I’m a poetry-writing, photo-taking, drone-building thing. And right now those things are very discordant with one another. There hasn’t been harmony since drones joined the fray and gave me a third major way of expression. And now with the Sony and GoPro, I can add video to my list confidently. Among other things. But those three arms remain:




Even on the site right now they are not represented as well as I’d like, and I guess the only trouble I’m having creatively right now is a solution to this issue. I’ve tried to tackle it in the past, as recently as July and June with the major site overhauls, and while that made everything a little more aesthetically pleasing, it didn’t help my urge to organize further very much. So I suppose that’s the next big thing on my list.

The next big thing after that is a new drone frame, a Martian II or an Alien. Something superfast that can have a GoPro strapped to the top of it. That’s pretty fun.

But until site stuff changes, the currency of my situation is very much geared toward photography. With new lenses and new understandings, research on theory, and all that stuff, I am still (full disclosure) finding a hard time striking a balance with a full time job and photography as a hobby/side gig. No amount of gear will give me more time.

When classes at the Art Institute start, oh man, I’ll be doing photography all right, but not in ideal environments, I suppose. Well, I’m not sure yet actually.

Just a lot all over the place, but that’s normally the reality of my life.

Another full disclosure, is that I’ve been willfully putting a lot of energy into my job in order to be financially secured for such undertakings as the Art Institute. Such things are needed at this time to keep moving forward.

And within all this, I had to turn down that club I was doing video work for a couple of weeks. I showed a demo reel that may or may not ever be published now, and when I brought up the topic of compensation, they were hesitant to mention that most people who work at the club do it for exposure. Said the industry professional.

So I rapidly decided to never return, unfortunately. It was a good little reel, too. So at least I know I can do that now.

But hey, more reality checks for me to cash in when I need all that credit.

Thanks for sticking with reality, everyone. It can be rough, and sometimes it can be downright lackluster. If that’s the case, I do invite you to comment on what’s awful so I can take a look at it.

Consume reality!

Radio Reality City!

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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