Walking with a ghost
On my bones
Possessing my flesh
My melted iron will
Is a welcome shell

Regrowth in your body
Like moss
Retakes your psyche
Is what the ghost
Is telling me

Walking as a ghost
Towards paths found
Long ago by a fetch
Who lingered out of
Body then returning


Back to look behind
Where the grove once
Made a comfort in
Fortress-like branches
So long ago

Armor and blood iron
Litter my past on the
Ground, eroding, sinking
Being buried, turning
Into rock before my eyes


Too human in a savage rowld
Destined to never know
For sure how this all
Became or ever discover
Where it could lead

So I’m walking
Through an unfamiliar yard
Being whispered to
By the ghost
From the fortress

Facing down a path I know
Only by deja vu
I’ve got a melted will
To carry me where
Spirits have seen


Naked on the long road
Trees of a species unnamed
Block the spring rain
Like my home used to
Do before the ruins faded

Turning to face the grey
Unmarked on a map
A cartographer’s fever dream
To go exploring despite
Pain in your chest

As you breathe
Turning to look
As the seasons cycle
Seconds passing by

I’ve never been here
But it feels like we have
Coastlines look the same
To you
And your old grove

So protected until
I step out onto the grass
And curl my toes in soil
You know you’ve felt
This dirt before

Turning into a murder
Of birds sweeping low
Into murmurations
Of words once heard



Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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