Jihawg Ammunition

Sand niggers have to
Feel pain, right?
Not enough to put them
In the grave

Patriot Act’s really brave
Gotta keep them all away

Bring Vietnam 2
To their homeland
Palestine’s not a
Real state, right?

He says we’ve spent
Seven trillion
In the desert, but
He lied

We’re better than
Those filming
Slow-mo det-cord

When we’ve got
Pig’s blood
Covering our
.45 ACP rounds

Ever seen
A sub-machine
Gun that could
Send you to hell?

Raze all the caves
Raid every place
We can from the sky

Gotta glass Iraq
Helmets buried in sand
And go back to

M4 bases sticking upright
Like tombstones
After their bombs burst
White phosphorus

We’ve got the budget
For air superiority

Thermal imaging
Burns them
Incinerates, immolates
By a finger snap

Drones deliver all the creed
Of beautiful heat bleed

Set fire to the unaware
These words to hear they need

It strikes to incite rage
Blood boils with fury
Air burst flurry
There’s this purge incoming

It’s scent is in the wind
Long before
It hits and gives you rage
Sleeper agent
Action activation

Burning, choking
Life from lesions
On their skin;
We feel nothing

See them

A10 Warthogs

Blips on the ground
Going white hot

Chemicals care not
About the shock they awe
To the systems they all
Cascade upon

By strafing drones

Saudi Arabia: what about
Arab Spring?
We scorched Bagdhad
And Syria, too

Oceans apart from
Our empire, so called
As we load our rifles
In a round called “Jihawg”

Domestic paranoia
Leads to good things

Make America Great Again
With the soul of
Doomsday cult

We prepare for a collapse
To those who might threaten
Our puritain ideals
And militant alchemists

On our own home turf
We’re afraid of the culture
Overseas that we’re
Busy viciously pummelling

“Jihawg Ammo, produced in
The U.S. of A.
At our factory in
Spokane, Washington”

Kinda says all it needs

From our sand
To yours

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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