Paradox – Journal 7/7/2018

Been a while. Some cool stuff has happened. These journals are becoming more sparse as things cool on and off around the station. Which, I can call my new PC setup the station proper.

A journal or two ago I mentioned Unreal Engine 4 developments for the Oculus Rift but boy is Unreal hard to get into as a beginner. I was chatting with a Unity dev the other day who ushered me to give that engine a try over Unreal. I’m not planning on making the next big hit, just a toolkit to play around with creative stuff. My end goal for this outing is to create a reality to write poetry in. So Unity is actually being a little more manageable.

The 80D has been acquired, and with it a host of new shots and capability like with the SL1. Except this time I’m getting even more megapixel coverage and some other neat features built into a heavier frame.

I’ve been able to shoot my sister’s wedding with it so far, with a couple of the shots added to the portfolio section of the site as well as a video posted to the multimedia spot. I edited it together for her and used music by Tycho, and after getting in contact with a Ghostly International label representative, I am proud to announce that I have been allowed the use of Tycho’s music so long as they are credited in my work and the productions go unmonetized! So that’s pretty damn exciting, I’d say!

Something also came up, but is possibly a controversial move. I have decided to make a watermark for Radio Reality City and its photos. You’ll see it start applying to photos from about two days ago, and its usage is something I will continue to use as time goes on. I’m still in a critical period where I need to market myself any which way. Recently I’ve also been paying more attention to social media outlets and what their usage could mean for the expansion of RRC. So far it’s been pretty good.

This video doesn’t exist

I also decided to dazzle up the logo a little bit, and OBS will let me record with some versatility, so here’s a little show of how I did it!

Today I was almost dead-set on getting a gimbal for my DSLRs but decided against it. There are some more pressing matters to attend to right now, and to be honest I haven’t really been without a gimbal long enough to know how to make good video and take steady shots on my own. I’ve tried, but haven’t been all that successful yet.

But I have the new DSLR, new portfolio material, and through my work I’ve actually been able to become certified in the operation and technical aspects of a bunch of camera manufacturers. Now added to my LinkedIn profile.

Slow going on a lot of other things thanks to the amount of stuff I’m actually doing these days. My camera and notebook still follow me wherever I go. Nothing has changed from two years ago.

Thank you all for helping me continue in all this. For your continued support in general and viewership. It really means a lot to me. And consider giving to reality on Patreon to give us here something to keep the lights going!

So please, consume reality!

Radio Reality City!

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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