Activate a miserable Wednesday
And wake up Thursday in the war room

No longer quaking
No longer puking
No longer panicked
No longer frantic

A shadow in a man
Waiting within
Made of malediction
And vindication
Some kind of sinister
Emotion wells inside

Thursday in the war room
I was wearing armor you made
For me
To fight inevitablity of the day

It had cracked and splintered
And the forces that be had then
Compelled me to split and crack
And deform to attack
The sadness welling within
That dared to well up again

I wouldn’t let it, so through
My helmet burst tendrils
Of old gods to smite the thoughts
That the pain had caused

Splattering my head against steel
Smashing my chest, so it could steal
The last motions of my living body
And keep it standing so bloody

It was already tomorrow,
Said I,
Yesterday, said the cosmos,
And then it was

Two days multiplied
Four days longer
Than the quantum pathways
Could have ever ensnared

I couldn’t cry more than I had
I couldn’t be any more mad
Already had left all my guts
Swirling the drain of my shower
After the stress became too much
And my armor was punctured

Not a knight in shining armor
Dressed by a possessed tailor

Damn right I wasn’t
I was berserk with no honor
Scrapping for the means
To wake up tomorrow

For whatever it means
Miserable Wednesday died two ways
And one was waking up
Thursday in the war room
Where I lived each,
In instants, pathway

Another uncertain world of id and ego
Struggles in combat to pick
Where the pathway goes
Only two options, but still so much
I hope the answer will merge
These two throes

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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