Blue February

There’s an alarm clock in my head
Going off and I can’t reach the
Button up on top to shut it
Up and go back to bed for just

A few more minutes

Drowning out all the other sounds
From my waking dreams and
Narcoleptic tendecies telling me
It’s time to open my eyes and

Wake up to face the sky

But I’m so mad and frustrated
That I can’t even see straight
And this rest has been so pleasant
That I want to still be asleep

Laying in that lush meadow

For hours at a time idling
Myself with lonely thoughts
Just to make the passage of time
Seem all the quicker to incarceration

That I won’t ever get out from

Because those dreams I’m keen to
Have been so heavenly and their
Hospitality to this thought felon
Has been quite nice indeed

Maybe I should get up and thank them

But I can’t get out of bed
Can’t escape this dreamland
I fear that I’m digging a hole
Just to put a mattress in it

Like I can’t sleep any other way

It’s like I need to be under attack
Or passed out, drained, from
Digging all day to feel like I’ve
Earned a couple hours of rest

So when I wake I don’t want to leave

It means I have to make my bed
Means I’ve got to say my last goodbyes
To all the people I met in the night
And all the places they showed me

While only distant suns brought light

Not that waking life is any different
Or really all that bad
I simply lack the motivation
To not lay in bed feeling sad

So drained, after such long days

Wishing I lived in Spring always
When clouds break a little bit
Letting light shine through the
Winter bleak and daze, I’m parched

But in Winter it seldom comes

And I can lie and say that the season
Did this to me on this red Thursday
In early March, it’s really what I
Haven’t done that’s made this urge

To make a sun when I need to

To shut that alarm clock in my head
And get some really strong
Coffee to drink

To be the red sun rising and never set

I need to
Get out

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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