I Live, I Die, I Live Again – Journal 4/28/18

Since you last heard from me, I’m a little more lore-heavy when it comes to Reality City and all about what happens there. If you’ve been following along the front page the last few days, you’ll see flavor text of what each different district is all about. Currently up is Memory, and next up is Verisum! A part of me would like to see these come out as posts that can be placed wherever I’d like; ideally as exactly what they are: flavor text.

But that’s later today stuff, in the future, let’s talk about stuff that’s already happened.

There are definitely some things implied by recent events. For one: I’m transitioning to a full-time position someplace, after applying for two tech industry positions and getting the go ahead from both. So I’ve actually had to turn down a position at Blue Skies (if only I wouldn’t have to drive to Bothell every day), but this might not be the last we see of each other. The impact 40 hour work weeks could have on my creative outlet isn’t lost on me, but having so much time dedicated to work is going to be plainly useful. More is always useful. At least then you can make decisions of what to do with it all.

For two: I’ve killed another notebook. My decomposition spiral that was started in September was put down two days ago, to much applause by the audience who witnessed its ritual slaying. But that means I can crack open another moleskine that’s been sitting on my shelf since Christmas, and indeed I have. Dubbed: the Book of Reality, this is the first moleskine I’ve had the pleasure of breaking the spine of since my first one I got for my 19th birthday. I love new notebooks.

realitycity districts colored

You may have noticed this image popping up here and there in the last week or so if you browse around the site, and it’s actually the culmination of some editing knowledge I had previously depended on others for. I finally know how to use GIMP! The original version of this image is actually a drawing in a notebook, I was able to upscale it perfectly! This is what Reality City looks like. At least in a symbol. With each color band representing a different district, if you’ve been following along on the front page recently.

I’m hoping to move away from the Deneb Mythos for now (it’s in another period where nothing is very interesting about it again) and focus on writing disconnected short stories, or fleshing out Reality City when I get the time to. Now all of a sudden ‘Days’ doesn’t seem all that feasible with time becoming even more of a commodity.

Which is why I’m happy video stuff just picked up. Filming interesting things is something I want to do more of now that I have the ability to, and among those is the filming of Mayday in Capitol.

Every year, various labor-related protests take place in western Washington cities like Seattle and Olympia, and this year there’s apparently going to be a large, decentralized anarchist protest in Olympia in particular. In the past, this has meant some minor damage to storefronts. Juvenile, really. BUT, it presents an opportunity to film some civil discord. Which is expected to be quite fun, and result in a lot of stock footage.

So back to that full-time thing. This definitely changes some things about Year Five’s kickoff. As of now, I don’t know what days I’ll have to be able to go… do stuff. Where I currently work, I can request specific days off and shifts I can’t make it to. That’s lended itself some flexibility if I want to take a day trip and have everything scheduled out ahead of time. But now I don’t know how things will work.

Plain and simple, my time/money issue is going to turn into a time issue only. Tuition at UWT? Not a problem. Living on my own? Also not a problem. But time to enjoy it all? I’m somewhat scared that’s going to be an issue. I don’t want to creatively slow down at all. This includes getting out the drones and pens and making something out of an entire day.

What this DOES do for RRC, is open up the possibilities of what I can acquire, in terms of hardware. That 80D I’m after? In reach. A Mavic Pro Platinum? In reach. A PC to actually edit 4K video? In reach. The business plan for my website, or even servers to finally self-host on? In reach. All of it. Everything, and a lot more.

The possibilities of this simple change of coast have already done for my life are pretty wide. Much different from working 20 hours a week, now that my time at Pierce is coming to an end, and various other things are in a state of transition, this new job has been the catalyst to opening up many more avenues. It’s not just material stuff. Well, yes it is, but it’s not just FUN material stuff. I can do life things, almost.

It’s crazy what a month can do. Don’t I know it already.

I’m sure I’ll figure out how to consolidate my newfound time vampire when the time comes. For now I’m just gonna panic about change like I’m some kind of neophobe.

In any case, thank you for your continued support here at Radio Reality City. Every one of you that pops on and reads all this stuff, I appreciate very much. I’m going to try to make Year V special for everyone.

So please, consume reality! Radio Reality City!

Thank you so much, and let’s roll right along on this gloomy, Washingtonian Saturday morning.


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Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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